Kanye West Announces Skirt Line for Men

Kanye West Skirts

Kanye West is known for his unique fashion sense, but has the Chicago rapper gone too far?

Mr. West officially announced a new fashion skirt line for men. The high fashion skirts will sell in upscale retail stores and be priced from $250.00 – $500.00.

Kanye spoke on his desire to change the status quo in a statement he released to the public which read, “Men wearing skirts goes back hundreds of years, but never caught on in America. We have been brainwashed into thinking this is some sort of feminine act. One of the most masculine things you can do is put on a skirt. I believe this will soon be the norm. F*ck everyone on that follower bullsh*t. I am the trend. You watch how quickly this spreads and remember who started it.”

Several celebrities have already worn some of Kanye’s designs including Vin Diesel, R Kelly, Diddy, and Omar Epps.

Diddy R Kelly Skirts

  • @georgiadink

    Its called “Border Line Clothing”… Mase the model.

  • gusto

    maybe his statement is rather surprising after he tried to have the pictures of him in skirt removerd from the internet. But still it’s an upcoming thing and I do say, I prefer to wear a skirt to trousers as it’s more comfortable.

  • yellow bottle

    just more bull crap coming out of Kenya’s mouth as usual yes skirt wearing was the thing to do when it was the thing to do that time as he put it himself goes back hundreds of years ago but in actuality it goes back centuries and that time has come and gone no we were not brain washed into thinking this is some sort of feminine act we just have common sense to know this is a feminine act for a man to wear a skirt YOU IDIOT! Kenya is officially a walking contradiction and is loosing brain cells by the year every time i read a statement coming from him i feel dumber