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7 Best Asus Aura Sync Compatible Fans RGB/ARGB (2023)

by Akimoto Lavrovsky
7 Best Asus Aura Sync Compatible Fans RGB/ARGB (2023)

Does your system obtain as well warm while playing hefty computer game? Are you seeking cooling down followers to get however additionally wan na have a vivid as well as distinct RGB/ARGB one? Right here we have actually detailed for you the 7 ideal Asus Aura suitable followers.

Asus is among the most effective and also recognized brand names for pc gaming. They generate premium pc gaming laptop computers and also PCs for requiring computer game that need high computer power as well as graphics. It’s a reputable brand name as well as is preferred amongst the video gaming neighborhood.

Cooling followers have actually been around virtually as lengthy as the desktop. It’s the RGB component that is rather brand-new. Contrasted to those, Aura Sync introduced in 2016 bringing a brand-new advancement of RGB modifications.

You can be an RGB minimal with RGB followers. The important things with RGB followers is that they are extra vibrant than various other RGB parts. You might have an RGB motherboard however that is usually overkilling the impact.

Instead, in our experience, RGB followers are constantly revolving which includes an additional measurement to the illumination. It makes the computer really feel active.

Gaming lovers have a point for having a pc gaming system that has a great aesthetic display screen. RGB and also ARGB followers not just cool down the system and also give exhausts for warmth, however they likewise offer enticing aesthetic screens.

Aura software application is made use of to regulate all the LEDs for aesthetic screens on the system. For that to function for followers, you require Aura Sync suitable followers.

So what’s the very best RGB follower of all? Our choice is the Deep Cool CF 120 It has outstanding air movement as well as fixed stress and also is significantly peaceful also at high RPMs. The followers featured great deals of devices. As well as the splitter wire permits the link of greater than one follower to a solitary ARGB header.

Best Asus Aura Sync Compatible Fans RGB/ARGB in 2023

Fan Speed
( RPM)
Air Pressure
( mmH2O)
Air Flow
( CFM)
Noise Level
( dB-A)
Bitfenix Spectre Pro RGB 120 mm 1200 RPM ±10% 1.24 mmH2O 5622 CFM ±10% 189 dBA Fluid Dynamic Bearings (FDB)
Cougar Vortex RGB HPB 120 600-1500 R.P.M 1.17 mm H2O 4354 CFM 26 dBA Hydro-Dynamic Bearing (HDB)
InWin Sirius Loop Addressable RGB 120 mm 500-1800 RPM 1.67 mm H2O 50 CFM 27 dBA Sleeve Bearing
Deepcool cf 120 500 ±200 ~1500 ±10% RPM 1.63 mmH2O 565 CFM 178 ~27 dBA Hydro Bearing
Thermaltake Riing Plus 12 RGB 500– 1500 RPM 1.54 mmH2O 4834 CFM 247 dBA Hydraulic Bearing
Cooler Master Fan MF 120 R ARGB 2000 RPM 2.14 mmH2O 59 CFM ± 10% 31 dBA Rifle Bearing
Antec Prizm 120 ARGB 5+ C 120 mm 800-1400 RPM 2.56
4503 CFM 326 dBA Hydraulic Bearing

Best Asus Aura Sync Compatible Fans RGB/ARGB in 2023

Best Overall as well as The Quietest Bitfenix Spectre Pro RGB 120 mm
” It has every little thing an Asus RGB follower need to have. Easy to attach multiples, an excellent equilibrium of price as well as functions, and also an eye-catching screen done in one.”

Best Looking– Cougar Vortex RGB HPB 120
” It boils down to individual viewpoint however off all the followers we’ve assessed, Cougar Vortex is one of the most appealing.”

Most Powerful– Cooler Master Fan MF 120 R ARGB
” Cooler Master is quickly one of the most effective air conditioning follower on our checklist. It has the highest possible air circulation yet it’s likewise among the loudest.”

Best Budget– Antec Prizm 120 ARGB 5+ C 120 mm
” A spending plan RGB follower that looks excellent as well as carries out effectively, the Antec Prizm can quickly suit a spending plan RGB computer construct.”

Let’s study every one as well as discover why they are our leading choices. Nearly all the followers featured flexible follower rate.

Best Asus Aura Sync Compatible Fans– Specifications

Product Bitfenix Spectre Pro Cougar Vortex RGB HPB InWin Sirius Loop Addressable RGB Deep amazing cf 120 Thermaltake Riing Plus 12 RGB Cooler Master Fan MF 120 R Antec Prizm 120 ARGB
Manufacturer Bitfenix Cougar IN WIN Deep Cool Thermaltake Cooler Master Antec
Total Voltage 17 VDC 17 VDC 17 VDC 12 VDC 17 VDC 17 VDC
Fan Size 120 mm 120 mm 120 mm 120 mm 120 mm 120 mm 120 mm

1. Bitfenix Spectre Pro RGB 120 mm

Asus aura compatible fans

This RGB follower is the current advancement to the specter follower collection. Created together with Asus, it is Aura sync all set as well as will certainly begin functioning right upon setup. The Spectre Pro sustains RGB unlike the solitary LEDs in the previous designs.

It’s based upon the very same modern technology as various other BitFenix followers. It matches with them as well as is additionally suitable with BitFenix’ RGB controllers.

The follower blades are made to ensure that the air flow is extra concentrated as well as great air has the ability to get to the parts of the system. The blades are likewise strengthened and also can withstand bending at broadband.

According to computer parts evaluating professionals TastyPC, the BitFenix Spectre Pro exceeded several of the followers in this checklist in the smoke examination. Envisioned listed below is the Red LED alternative throughout a smoke examination:

Visualizing Air Pressure, Source: TastyPC

Also, the followers consist of trib right LED innovation which enables a lot more saturated shades and also uniformly dispersed light. The reality that it’s white makes it extra reflective of the RGB lights causing a much more visually pleasing appearance than others on the listing.

In contrast with various other followers, we provided it the leading area not even if it’s the quietest at 18.9 dBA yet the equilibrium it attains with follower rate and also efficiency. It’s not the fastest follower on the checklist yet it greater than comprises very easy daisy-chaining with various other followers of the very same version. It can last for many years with over 30,000 hrs of life span.

Although when it pertains to the develop, it’s fairly straightforward yet eye-catching. The layout on the sides is hexagonal that makes it simpler to grasp throughout setup on the motherboard.

Pros Cons
Very peaceful with the most affordable sound degree of 18.9 dBA for followers in this listing. No guidebook and also no details readily available. The main site has some sources.
Good air flow as well as brilliant LEDs specifically with the white version which contributes to the illumination by being reflective. Plastic covers are lightweight.
Easy to daisy chain. You can attach numerous followers and also have them operating in unison. Installing can be frantic much like many computer parts when it pertains to computer structure.

2. Cougar Vortex RGB HPB 120

Asus aura sync compitable fans: Cougar Vortex 120
Aura Sync Ready Fan

These followers have a copyrighted framework style that functions fantastic in maintaining the crucial parts of the system cool.

Each follower is furnished with 18 LED lights in a brighter area. These lights light up all 3 instructions as opposed to simply exterior as well as internal. That’s partially what makes this follower one of the most eye-catching on our listing.

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The hydrodynamic bearing of these followers gives main oil stress, enhances life time, reduces rubbing as well as sound, as well as enhances security. According to KosherTech– a professional in computer structure components, the follower blades are thick so they benefit fixed stress. This additionally makes it great for CPU radiators.

Cougar Vortex establishes itself apart by sustaining practically every mainstream RGB control software application around. Of program, it consists of Asus Aura, however it sustains MSI Mystic Light, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, and also Asrock Polychrome. It will certainly go on functioning quickly for over 30,000 hrs.

It runs in the 600 to 1500 R.P.M variety. The air movement is 43.54 CFM which is not leading rate contrasted to various other versions in this listing. It is additionally on the noisier side with 26 dBA contrasted to the189 dBA of Spectre Pro assessed over.

It comprises by being extra effective in exactly how it displaces the warm. The blades are developed specifically to tire the warmth in the form of a vortex that makes it a lot more reliable despite a reasonably reduced CFM.

The illumination component is ring-shaped around the follower as well as out the whole follower. This offers it an one-of-a-kind expectation while maintaining the lights protect in the room. A cordless controller permits you to browse via approximately 100 various illumination impacts. You can change illumination, shades, and also lights patterns utilizing the controller.

There is one more item comparable to this set likewise from Cougar. You can think about the Cougar Vortex ARGB HDB which is available in 2 rings of lights on the follower.

Pros Cons
Easy to set up as well as set up. There is an in-depth user’s manual for detailed setup. Doesn’t featured a control box unless you purchase a package.
Built with wonderful product option. The blades are sturdy and also thick. Cumbersome for newbie home builders.
RGB header does not match with Asus motherboards.

3. InWin Sirius Loop Addressable RGB 120 mm

Asus aura sync compitable fans: InWin Sirius 120mm

These additionally have a ring-shaped illumination area around the followers as the Cougar Vortex assessed over. The blades are bigger and also the framework is thinner which uses a higher surface to generate even more air flow and also far better atmospheric pressure. It is simply a little noisier than Cougar Vortex at 27 dBA.

In the facility, the follower has openings for air flow to maintain the bearing cool. This raises the follower’s life time to over 30,000 hrs. The black shade of the blades contrasts well with the enlightening ring of light all over. It’s developed to consist of the LEDs on both sides which provides you a lot more choices in mounting it.

Here is a computer gear established by Reddit individual u/andromalandro utilizing a 3-piece collection of InWin Sirius Loop:

InWin Sirius Loop installed in gaming PC

As computer structure fanatics, we rest far better in the evening recognizing the Sirius Loop includes 2 years of guarantee.

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The Sirius Loop establishes itself apart with 4 little rubber pads put all over the follower. These pads boost security and also minimize resonance results.

The followers work with Polychrome sync, MSI, RGB Fusion along with Aura sync.

Pros Cons
Easy to set up and also daisy chain. It likewise is available in a pack of 2 or 3 for daisy-chaining. Only the round ring illuminate.
Comes with rubber feet which aids in moistening the resonances. Controller’s magnet is weak.
Great air flow with 50 CFM. RGB addressable pin hangs.

4. Deepcool CF 120

DEEPCOOL CF120 3in1, Customizable Addressable RGB LED Lighting - Asus aura compatible fans

One of one of the most quiet Asus mood sync followers offered in the marketplace. It is quite remarkable considering it still rises to 1500 RPM. These illuminate totally with various enlightening shades. These are furnished with 12 LED lights which are separately programmable.

The rates of the followers are regulated effectively by the motherboard as the temperature level differs. These are likewise suitable with Aura Sync, MSI, RGB Fusion, as well as Polychrome sync. You can feel confident of the long life of the follower with about 30,000 hrs of usage.

One of the coolest functions of these followers that establish them apart is that they include a splitter cord. The cable television has 4 areas. If your motherboard has just one ARGB header, you can still link greater than one follower with the wire, and after that the cord can attach to the one ARGB header. This still leaves one place which can better be made use of to link even more followers.

These can be embeded in among the 3 vibrant settings waves, cycles, and also breathing, or in among the 3 fixed settings consistent light, breathing and also meteor. You can select from up to 8 various shades. If you are searching for a computer configuration without several RGB elements, after that simply utilizing a collection of CF 120 followers can illuminate your video gaming gear.

The CF 120 is available in a rather uncomplicated style that uninteresting. It makes up for it when it lights up however or else it looks fundamental. The sides are increased to aid with the setup. One fascinating spin is when the follower is running the logo design appears like an atom which is quite trendy.

Pros Cons
Rubber pads for wetting the resonances Lots of electrical wiring and also cable television monitoring
Quiet at max RPMs also Plastic covers are affordable
Come with great deals of various other devices like double-sided tape, adapters, and so on Some cable televisions are brief
Splitter cord to link 3 followers to 1 ARGB header+ one more area for one more tool Wired Controller

5. Thermaltake Riing Plus 12 RGB

Best RGB fans: ThermalTake Riing Plus 12 RGB - Asus aura compatible fans

This Asus mood sync suitable follower collection includes 12 LED lights which can be independently regulated. These can provide to 16.8 million shades. 9 blades with special layouts use better air movement without enhancing sound degrees. This is a boost from the plan of 7 blades in the previous versions. An additional upgrade is the intro of RGB lights from the previous solitary shade LEDs.

These have a hydraulic bearing that self-lubricates with lowered rubbing and also soundless procedure. The anti-vibration rubber pads shield the followers from all sides. It depends on the usage, the anticipated life-span is 40,000 hrs, even more than many of the followers on this checklist.

The coolest attribute of these followers is that you can manage them with your voice. With the TT RGB PLUS App, you can merely state ‘Hello TT’ as well as begin changing the setups. This is what establishes these aside from comparable followers out there.

You can inform it to activate or OFF the lights, switch over shades, readjust the rates, as well as lower the lights.

Now involving the style and also visual appeals. Thermaltake has actually made to cover the RGB ring. It does decrease the result a little. The LEDs are intense adequate to beam through and also it still supplies an eye-catching impact. Below is a collection of Thermaltake Riing Plus at work:

Source: Gadget Joe
Pros Cons
The controller has 3 buttons-Fan rate, play time out
( which cycles with all shades) and also
last one to alter in between preferred shades.
The software program is not great although it got a renovation in the most recent variation.
Can separately tint each LED on each follower. Requires some cord administration.
Can establish follower rate for each and every follower. Fans reset back to default setups arbitrarily.
The phone application accidents a great deal.

6. Colder Master Fan MF 120 R ARGB

Amazon.com: Cooler Master MasterFan MF120R ARGB

These followers offer several of the most effective aesthetic display screens. Particularly, the halo in the center looks excellent. The addressable RGB enables complete personalization therefore your system can have the excellent motif.

The one-of-a-kind style of the blades, a mix of a jet engine and also helicopter blades gives a far better atmospheric pressure to maintain necessary elements of the system cool.

Cooler Master Fan MF is one of the most effective follower we have actually assessed right here with the ability of getting to 2000 RPM. It is additionally the 2nd loudest at 31 dBA. It is fairly lasting. You can anticipate 40,000 hrs of usage so it can possibly last a console generation.

Although these followers have rubber pads together with various other sound-reducing modern technologies to regulate the sound a little bit. To protect against cords from being drawn by the followers throughout procedure, these have wise follower sensing units.

These are licensed Asus mood sync followers. They are additionally suitable with Polychrome as well as MSI.

Pros Cons
The light of the halo looks terrific. Noisy under hefty lots.
Has wonderful air movement. Cables can take advantage of even more size.
Easy to set up. Software not easy to use, rather choose Asus Aura or MSI’s mystic light.

7. Antec Prizm 120 ARGB 5+ C 120 mm

 RGB fans: Antec Prism 123

These Aura sync followers have a twin aperture which makes it possible for RGB screens on both sides. The followers included 18 independent RGB LED lights which create a ring all over. Each LED grain can generating numerous lights shades.

These Aura sync RGB followers can generate as much as 16.8 million tailored shades and also are likewise suitable with MSI, RGB Fusion, as well as Polychrome sync. With a somewhat reduced cost, it’s the very best budget plan RGB follower we have actually evaluated.

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The rates readjust immediately with temperature level modifications as well as allow reliable warmth dissipation. The hydraulic bearings help in reducing sound impacts as well as rubbing. The rubber pads act as shock absorbers and also minimize resonances as well as additionally shield the followers.

Coming to the layout, the Prizm has a dual-ring style. Whichever means you mount it, its going to light up your pc gaming gear the exact same. In some way the RGB lights continues to be within television; you will not see it lighting up the followers.

Its outstanding life-span of 40,000 hrs is backed up with a 2 year guarantee. Contrasted to various other followers in the listing, it is the loudest follower, directly going beyond Cooler Master Fan in sound.

Pros Cons
Super silent followers RGB ports are lightweight
Easily mounted RGB is great looking yet a little dim
Works also if motherboard does not have
RGB control
No illumination control on controller
Built-in RGB systems No straight off switch for the LEDs

These are the 7 finest mood sync RGB extend there as well as they function excellent. Search for the one that matches you finest as well as matches your computer style.

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider for Aura Sync Fans

We comprehend one of the most vital points there are when seeking an air conditioning follower for your computer develop. There can be 10 s of points we discovered it finest to stick with the ones that matter the a lot of. These are the making a decision elements for cooling down followers suitable with Asus Aura Sync:

Fan Speed as well as Noise

Fan rate is one of the most vital facet in picking an air conditioning follower pass on.

But greater follower rates have a tendency to generate greater sound. That is unless the makers have actually made unique factors to consider to decrease the sound.

In our testimonials, we have actually examined both these elements to rate the items based upon the highest possible follower rates with the most affordable sound. There are extend there that seem like a plane removing when your computer’s doing some hefty training. We have actually ensured to omit those.

Fan Life and also Warranty

Most suppliers review the life span of a follower in their summaries. Followers are fairly more affordable elements when it involves computer structure. Nevertheless, it aids in understanding simply how much time you can press an Asus suitable follower.

This requirements is quite very easy to court. The longer the life expectancy, the much better the follower.

However, it does not bring as much weight in our positions since the majority of the follower’s life span is not that away from each various other.

Fan Design and also Aesthetics

Now below is where points obtain a little bit harder. Style is very subjective to an individual’s passions and also preferences. We have actually done our ideal to honor greater positions to items which not just look trendy however likewise offer an objective.

For circumstances, there are some versions up on our checklist that are textured along the sides with distinct styles. That is not simply for program. They additionally assist you with the hold when setting up the follower on the motherboard.

The RGB/ARGB lights play a substantial function in the aesthetic appeals. Asus Aura can just do its magic if the sustaining equipment is well-appointed. We have actually selected the items based on the number of LED lights and also the illumination they create.

We have actually utilized the above aspects to place each item in the checklist. They offer a double function. You can likewise maintain these consider mid when buying an air conditioning follower on your own.


What is Aura Sync?

Aura Sync is a software program supplied by Asus to regulate the LED display screens of mood sync suitable tools. It offers various shades as well as also makes it possible for synchronize shades with songs, temperature levels, and also in-game activity.

What are RGB as well as ARGB?

RGB is a shade version in which Red, Green, as well as Blue lights are integrated with each other to create various shades. Whereas the ARGB shade design consists of Alpha along with Red, Green, as well as Blue. Alpha identifies the openness worth of a certain shade.

What Should a Good Cooling Fan Have?

An excellent air conditioning follower must have broadband yet must additionally make really little sound. It must have excellent air movement as well as atmospheric pressure to make sure that the great air can get to the vital elements of the system.

What Does RPM Refer to?

RPM means transformations per min. It is a system for the angular rate of a body. The even more RPMs of a follower, the a lot more is its rotational rate.

Final Thoughts

These are the 7 ideal mood sync followers readily available. Each of these deals various functions and also have their very own benefits and drawbacks. We have actually noted the advantages as well as the not-so-good aspects of every one to assist you determine.

Choose the one that matches your system motif as well as matches with any type of various other followers or tools on your System.


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