Nene Leakes Fired From RHOA After Fist Fight with Andy Cohen

Nene Leakes recently surprised fans of Bravo’s popular reality show Real Housewives of Atlanta when she announced she would not be returning for season 8. Now an even more shocking revelation has come to light as today it was revealed that Leakes’ contract was not going to be renewed after she was involved in an altercation with the show’s executive producer Andy Cohen.

In a production meeting for the upcoming season Cohen and Leakes were involved in a heated exchange after Cohen alerted Mrs. Leakes that her role in the upcoming season would be reduced. Furious, Nene began to scream at the show’s producers and approached Cohen in a very hostile manner. As Cohen attempted to retreat Leakes pushed the “Watch What Happens: Live” host, causing him fall and injure his wrist. Cohen immediately jumped to his feet and grabbed Nene by her hair, but fell once again when her lace-front wig came unglued. Leakes was escorted from the building and was heard shouting that this show would be nothing without her.

The police were not alerted, but the producers later informed Nene that they were no longer going to renew her contract. As customary with high profile splits, Nene Leakes was allowed to simply step down.

Cohen stated that there would always be a special place in his heart for Leakes, but fame and money has caused her to ironically “lose touch with reality.”

Kandi Burruss, who joined in season two, is now the most tenured housewife on the show.