Scandal Movie Planned With Denzel Washington and Kerry Washington

Scandal Movie Kerry Washington

Sources have revealed that due to the enormous success of the Scandal television series, Shonda Rhimes has planned a Scandal movie, which is tentatively set to be released in the spring of 2015. The film will feature Denzel Washington in the starring role as the Mayor of Atlanta.

Details are still cloudy about the film, but Kerry Washington is confirmed as a co-star alongside Denzel Washington (no relation).  Shonda Rhimes sat down with Zay of to discuss some of the ideas behind the film.

“Scandal has really gained a lot of loyal fans of the show,” she said. “I’m very proud to be able to provide a series that keeps people so glued to their television sets. So I wanted to take it to the next level.  I wanted to bring Scandal to the big screen…and trust me, you haven’t seen anything yet.”

Some of the stars rumored to be appearing in the film include: Denzel and Kerry, Columbus Short, Tony Goldwyn, Guillermo Diaz, Tyler Perry, and Nene Leakes.  Small appearances by some of the other cast members of Housewives of Atlanta cast are also expected.

When asked for a teaser about the plot, Shonda revealed, “I can’t say too much, but Olivia Pope finally leaves DC for a new start.  She ends up working as crisis management for the Mayor of Atlanta (Denzel Washington) and that’s when things get hairy.”

Apparently, Shonda Rhimes, writer of Scandal and other known hit series such Grey’s Anatomy, wants to create the ultimate drama film.  Denzel Washington also appears to be excited about that project.  “I’ve been watching the series and I’m really proud of Ms. Washington for all the success she’s having,” Denzel said. “I want to offer my talents to such an amazing story. I think it will be well received.”

Filming will begin after Washington, who is currently pregnant, births her child and recovers.

The interest in this film is sure to skyrocket, considering the success the show has seen.  Every Thursday, fans are glued to their television sets to watch the drama of Olivia Pope unfold.  If the show goes to the next level as Shonda promised, I’m sure it’s going to set box office records and make a lot of people happy.

  • Kay

    Noooo! Shoulda you need to bring the cast of the show to movie! And what in the world is nene gonna be doing ? She gonna being drama to the set! And why are you giving small parts to the house wives ? Like really! I am excited about Denzel doe! But it won’t be scandal , without the actual cast, but yes keep Denzel I it!

    • toby

      I AGREE!!! please don’t bring Nene Leakes in this….. that lowers the interest level

      • Cedric moore

        I agree do not bring Ne Ne Leakes to this movie shonda the movie should stay like it is with denzel as the lead actor i know he will bring some scandle and druma to the film and Karry Washington has to clean up his mess

  • Danice

    At this point the only thing to keep me from seeing Scandal the movie is the ticket cost.

  • Margaret Bryant

    This is wonderful news, it’s about time people started recognizing what an awesome show Scandal is and a movie is just the venue it needs to take it to the next level!!! I applaud you on you success with Scandal Ms. Rhimes and wish you continued success.