Shower Scene Earns Mimi Faust Endorsement Deal with Bed Bath & Beyond

mimi faust endorsement deal bed bath beyond

Early Monday morning, news hit the web of an alleged tape involving Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Mimi Faust and her partner Nikko Smith. The intimate encounter between the two has already ended up in the Vivid Entertainment’s hands where it will be released soon with a working title of “Mimi and Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta”.

Mimi, long-time Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member, is shown at one point in the already infamous clip having sex with her partner while firmly hanging onto nothing more than the shower rod in her bathroom. The scene has been the talk on every social media website with comments such as:

“I hope Mimi reveals what kind of shower rod they got tho.. The strength of it is amazing.”

“They got Mimi on the shower rod like she hanging on the rim after a dunk.. smdh”

“The way y’all talkin’, Mimi’s shower rod must be built Ford tough.”

Retail giant Bed Bath & Beyond has seemingly taken notice and reportedly offered the reality show star an undisclosed figure to endorse their new line of ultra-strength shower rods. A spokesman for Bed Bath & Beyond spoke on the deal, stating “What better way to launch our new line of ultra-strength shower rods than to put it in the hands of the biggest name in the shower rod world? All jokes aside, we saw potential in the deal and we mainly wanted to get the message out to the public that our new shower rods can withstand anything; even the full body weight of a woman during sexual intercourse. We saw the tape and thought the deal was a no-brainer. We wanted her to be the face of our shower rods and we’re ecstatic that she embraced our vision.”

The new line of B3 shower rods are currently in production and scheduled to hit their more than 1,000 store locations later this Spring.

You can view the upcoming season premiere of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta on May 5th, 2014 on VH1, where producers plan to use the sex tape and endorsement deal as focal plot points. We’ll keep you updated as more details are revealed.

Shower Scene Earns Mimi Faust Endorsement Deal with Bed Bath & Beyond

  • liani

    I’d by it

  • liani

    I’d buy it….

  • Octavia

    This is such a lie lol I work for bed bath and beyond I doubt they would endorse nothing. We don’t even have commercials lmao

    • Huh

      Wtf does not having commercials have to do with an endorsement? STFU, do you work at the corporate headquarters? Ummm no you work in the freakin retail store fool.. wth do you know, not a damn thing

  • Robert

    Mimi it’s ok I still love you!!! Do yo thang baby their is nuthing wrong with what happened with you and Nikko but some stupid ass wanna put yo business out there. Hell it’s because they wanted you and couldn’t have you so they did the next stupid thing trying to make you look bad. Well I got yo back baby and don’t beat yourself up over this. Love Robert

  • LOL