Will Smith to Produce Upcoming George Zimmerman Biopic

Will Smith To Produce George Zimmerman film

In one of the most shocking pieces of news to come out of Hollywood in some time, a feature film based on the life of George Zimmerman is reportedly in the works with none other than Will Smith at the helm. Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment (I Am Legend, Hancock, The Karate Kid) has jumped on-board to finance and produce the film which is scheduled to hit theaters Spring 2015.

As polarizing of a figure that Zimmerman is, the film is sure to spark controversy among movie goers. In a statement sent to reporters, Smith stated, “It’s obvious that he’s not America’s sweetheart right now but his story is intriguing and it needs to be heard. Hitler wasn’t popular. Does that mean his story is any less interesting? Of course not. Slave masters aren’t popular but 12 Years a Slave was phenomenal. Wait until you see the finished product and judge for yourself.”

George Zimmerman is slated to receive a shade under $3.2 million from Overbrook Entertainment for his role as a consultant. No further details have been given regarding the totality of Zimmerman’s role with the production.

Jaden Smith is rumored to be the leading candidate for the role of Trayvon Martin with Wilmer Valderrama tapped to play the role of George Zimmerman. Production on the film set to begin Summer 2014.

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  • Cindy Ray

    No. Hell no. Stop making this idiot relevant period. Im thoroughly disgusted to see this. Get a grip Will Smith!!

    • Metoo

      It’s pretty sick if you ask me. Just goes to show Divine Sound hit the nail on the head when they sung “What People do for Money”. Whelp, will’s made his money, let’s hope it hurts his children’s careers and blackball the family’s name….one can only hope, taking this to Twitter, FB and Instagram.