Adult Stores Paying $50 Per Hour to Clean Video Booths

Adult Stores Paying $50 Per Hour to Clean Video Booths

Don’t mind getting your hands a bit dirty? Adult stores throughout the nation are paying as much as $50 per hour to clean the video booths.

Many adult stores have trouble finding people willing to clean the booths and continue to offer higher rates for the job. If you can get past the stigma of being a DNA disposer, you could earn a pretty decent living.

Joseph Waterfield of Atlanta, says he earns over $100,000 per year as a sanitation expert for 5 different adult stores in the Atlanta area. “It’s not the best job I’ve ever had, but it’s certainly the best paying one,” stated Waterfield.

“I applied for a myriad of jobs all over the city, but couldn’t find any stable employment. I started to really get down on myself and turned to adult stores for casual hookups. As I laid there on the video of that disgusting booth, I was both literally and figuratively at the lowest point of my life — but it was on that floor that I found my niche. I asked the manager who cleaned the booths, to which he responded ‘right now, no one.’ Similar places told me the same. I jumped at the opportunity, and life has never been better.”

If you are searching for a high-paying career change, this might be the job for you. I suggest you invest in a good pair of gloves though.