82 Shot, Chicago Considered War Zone, Military Deployed

82 Shot, Chicago Considered War Zone, Military Deployed

Mayor Rahm Emmanuel has called on the assistance of the United States military to help patrol the blood-soaked streets of Chicago. The unprecedented move is one step away from declaring total martial law in the nation’s third most populous city.

During 4th of July weekend, 82 people were shot in an 84 hour period, with a total of 14 succumbing to their injuries.  Though the number of murders has fallen drastically since the 1990’s, the violence in Chicago seems to be increasing dramatically.

“It’s groundhog day here in Chicago again,” Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said this morning,  in a statement that touched on the violent weekend.  “The results were a lot of shootings and a lot of murders unfortunately,” he said. “Yesterday was the day that really blew it up for us in our strategy.”

With their failing strategies to protect the public, city officials will now go in a different direction and call upon the services of the National Guard.

The U.S. military will act as a liaison for the Chicago Police Department and will not be given free reign to enforce the law, at least at this moment.

The city, which has been given the nickname “Chiraq” because of it’s violent present, will now see increased police presence and armed guards in dangerous neighborhoods.

  • markobrien

    The Black on Black slaughter in inner cities has become a national health epidemic that needs the same effort from our government in eradicating it as the fight against the tobacco industry, and the fight against Aids. The costs associated in trials, incarceration, broken families, lack of business ventures being invested in inner city neighborhoods etc, is costing us millions of dollars a year. But until our elected officials admit there is a problem we can’t begin to address it. In the interim you and I will continue to pay for the consequences of it.

  • Stewart Hughes

    police is right,,, cant say they are wrong, some of these folks been terrorizing the sttrets of the US with out rules for ions,,
    IF I had a gun I would volunter… to fight crime, =)

  • Memy SelfAndi

    America!, Like it or leave it, isnt that the Saying?

    What else would you expect from the so called “Best Country in the World”, Hahahahaha……

  • Tim Wise

    Ni99ers are subhuman, soulless beasts! The sooner the race war starts and the USA goes back to segregation, lynching and the lash; the better!

    • Tim Wise

      Just jokin! I love them all like brothers! In fact, I’m married to a African American man.