American Restaurant Granted Permission To Sell Dog Meat

American Restaurant Granted Permission To Sell Dog Meat

A Los Angeles restaurant has been granted permission to consume and sell dog meat. A Filipino group successfully argued that the banning of the consumption of dog meat violated their religious rights.

Puchow de Manila Eatery and Fine Dining has been granted provisional permission to sell and consume dog meat, while the Supreme Court decides if their case has merit. The restaurant is allowed to slaughter up to 3 dogs per day, with the stipulation that they must be put down humanely. The World Animal Protection agency called the decision “shocking,” and vowed to fight tooth and nail to ensure this act is not allowed to continue.

In the Philippines today, there is an abundance of dog meat sold in restaurants and markets. The meat is as sold for as little as $1.30/kg. The trading and selling of dog-meat brings in nearly 3.8 million U.S. dollars per year, and nearly 500,000 dogs are killed for meat every year.

Eleven regions around the globe still consume dog meat. Those being: China, Indonesia, Korea, Mexico, Philippines, Polynesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Arctic, Antarctic, and Switzerland.

Puchow de Manila Eatery and Fine Dining says the dishes will range from American styled cuisine such as Chihuahua Chops to Korean-inspired dishes such as Boshintang (dog soup).

American Restaurant Granted Permission To Sell Dog Meat

  • steve rogers

    hmm.. haven’t eaten dog for the whole 30 years of my life, and i don’t plan on doing it now. I still can’t get past seeing horse meat in my local grocery store..

  • Dennis Hoy

    The Philippines population comprises almost exclusively of Christians and Muslims who don’t eat dog for religious reasons. More likely pandering to the demands of businesses. Do your homework you stupid yanks.

  • Damian Eaglebauer

    people how make that little commen think they are clever? happens every time. with that logic, you would eat your mom or be a vegan. Humans are animals too. Here is why you are evil in my moral evaluation: 1. Dogs are believed to taste better and contain adrenalin if tortured before death. the more the better. break some legs, the night before, watch the others die for a while , skin alive and most commonly , boiled alive. ( go ahead, say we do that to lobsters).. look asparagus and insects too, kill yourself with that logic. 2. Dogs have earned a position in our society , we do not kill our comrades best friend and family members, that is the greatest evil to betray those that trust us . 3. People in jail regard animal abusers as worse than pedophiles but Chris Bolton and 1468 people apartently don’t. 4. in southeast asia , where i am trapped caring for my two dogs i rescued from human assassination attempts, at christmas , dogs are stolen.. Why farm dogs when its so easy to steal the trusting animal. 5. We bury our dead ,and we bury our pets. Eating them would be a step back toward neanderthal. 30000 years we have worked with dogs and treated them as our family , worth more alive than as food .6. As long as dog meat is legal, the practice of torturing , likethe shark fin and other myths will persist. 7. I think all 1468 who want to eat dogs because we eat pigs, should uncheck you make me SICK. 8. If you want pigs and all meat to be illegal don’t get this mixed up. this is going to the supreme court. 9. Noone pets are safe while dog eaters are around. the price of dog meat is very high now. Its a quick way to make money, and break hearts and families. 10. the dog meat trade and dog murdre has caused me more trauma than any, as dogs have saved my iife, and i have saved dogs, and i have saved asians drowning , than they want to come to america and eat our dogs and cats now. NO.

  • kitty

    A dog is a domesticated companion animal and a pet. Many have had “theraphy dogs” or pets for children, police dogs, guide dogs, etc., which shows that they are fairly intelligent, also are capable of a measure of love, loyalty, trust and affection. Animals still don’t have the same value as humans, true, but I could not imagine having my dogs for dinner, that goes against how I naturally feel about them.

  • Jerry

    Americans,( I’m one) are the Kings of hipocracy. As sick as it seems’s, its legal in 44 States to eat dogs. America scolds the rest of the world about all sorts of behavior that we create loopholes around to make us appear holier than thou. Then We pretend no one else notices.

  • feeshub8ahqu

    All I saw were slightly different variations of “free stuff!”

  • feeshub8ahqu

    All I saw were slightly different variations of “free stuff!”

  • eijahl1die4

    She doesn’t seem to understand him at all.