Magic City Dancer in Children’s Hospital for Kid’s Last Wish

dying child gets stripper wish

“We were shocked at the recurrent clapping we overheard from the next room, which we believed to have come from her bottom.”

ATLANTA — Wish Granters of America (WGA), an upstart non-profit organization that grants dying wishes to ill children, is facing intense media scrutiny after reportedly sending a stripper to the hospital room of a terminally ill 12 year old boy at Hillard Binkley Children’s Hospital in Atlanta. Common wishes among children involved with the organization usually range from ‘meeting the President’ to ‘attending a popular sporting event’. In this particular case, things weren’t quite that simple.

Reportedly, the ill-stricken child’s final wish was to go to Magic City; a popular gentlemen’s club that’s frequently mentioned in many of the child’s favorite Rap songs. Realizing that the boy’s wish most likely could not be granted, representatives for the organization arranged for 2Cheekz, one of Magic City’s dancers, to make a personal visit to his hospital room.

One of the hospital staff’s registered nurses recounted the incident, stating “I have never in my career witnessed such blatant negligence. When I went to check on the patient, the stripper had her leg propped up on the wall behind his bed with her genitalia directly in front of his face. This was one of the only times I’ve ever seen him smile but that doesn’t excuse Wish Granters for their poor decision making.”

When asked to give more details regarding the controversial granted wish, a local volunteer for the organization stated “We had no idea the extent 2Cheekz was going to take the visit. We all thought it was just going to be a simple sit-down between the child and the dancer. We were shocked at the recurrent clapping we overheard from the next room, which we believed to have come from her bottom. We fully acknowledge the misjudgment in our decision making and we’re taking the proper steps to try to rectify the situation.”

We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

  • CB

    I’m more interested in why there was no rep. from the organization in the room at all times. I would think that’s standard procedure. Something seems off.

  • Orlando

    I think it was brilliant , children are taught to dream and regardless that’s what this kids wish was people need to stop thinking about themselves .

  • Henry Isle

    Come on people. It was his DYING WISH!!!!!!! If that is what he wished for then WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO JUDGE!!!! Everyone is entitled to their dying wish, some are different than others. It is the LAST thing that they will ever do, so should it matter what they wish for? Its their wish not yours. Before you try to judge his wishes remember one day it might be your dying wish? Do you want people to judge you for your dying wish?

    • TheGod

      It may be his dying wish, but it still looks bad. What about the other kids? You want yours seeing this?

      • YeahYeahYeah

        Yeah. If it was his dying wish I wouldn’t care.

  • Marleyosophy

    All a twelve tear old boy every wants is what he just got and more lol. That poor kid won’t live to really experience sex and those joys of being alive. I hope he got titties all over his face and she didn’t charge for the dances lol.

    • Kato Leonard

      Lol. Hilarious!

  • Hugh EMC

    1st: I wanna see the picks
    2nd: Well he gets to out go out with a smile.

    But ida wished for more than that. Ida asked to meet some one uber famous or be on the sidelines of the next superbowl our sumtin. Ida asked my family & friends to sneak in a stripper.

  • TheBrutalKremlin

    Dear World: LIGHTEN THE F**K UP