Fast Food Chicken Causes Man to Grow Female Chest

Chicken Causes Man to grow female breasts

CHICAGO — You might want to reconsider the next time you are heading to your local fast food spot to pick up that greasy, delectable bird we all enjoy so much. After years of being loyal to its crispy deliciousness, the chicken has betrayed us all.

An Illinois business man, who stated he was constantly on the go and dined mainly on fast food chicken, revealed that he began to experience changes in his body that he was unable to understand. The man was suffering from extreme mood swings, profuse sweating,  his testicles began to shrink,  and he suffered from a loss of muscle mass.

The nightmarish ordeal for the man was just beginning. Robert Van Deer believed he was simply suffering from a basic illness, such as the flu,  and started taking more vitamins. He continued his frequent visits to his favorite fast food place and continued his love affair with chicken.

Van Deer’s condition continued to get worse. He began suffering from depression, fatigue, low energy levels, erectile dysfunction, and an increase in fat around his waist and thighs.  The man also noticed he was developing female breasts and decided it was time to visit a physician. Doctors ran blood tests on Robert Van Deer, which showed he had extremely high level of hormones in system.

Through a very arduous level of testing, doctors were able to attribute Van Deer’s condition to his high level of consumption of fast food chicken. The antibiotics and hormones given to the bird, which was meant to promote rapid growth, caused a chemical reaction that resulted in a compound produced that mimicked the effects of taking estrogen. Van Deer’s constant consumption was, in fact, reassigning his gender.

Van Deer filed a lawsuit against the company, seeking $5 million in damages. Courts are unable to provide the name of the company because of the ongoing litigation. If Van Deer’s case is successful it will cause a massive shakeup to the fast food industry.

A recent report by New York Daily News revealed that the antibiotics given to chicken could be causing bladder infections in women. “Eating chicken may be placing more than 8 million women at risk of developing drug-resistant bladder infections,” the report revealed.

The long ranging effects of the antibiotics and hormones being given to animals which humans will eventually consume, has become a national debate.