George Zimmerman Sells Trayvon Martin Painting for $30,000

george zimmerman painting

George Zimmerman: “Everyone has been asking what I have been doing with myself. I found a creative, way to express myself, my emotions and the symbols that represent my experiences.”

George Zimmerman just can’t seem to keep himself out of the headlines. Though controversy continues to surround his name, he has once again thrust himself into the spotlight.

The 30-year-old, oft troubled man, who was acquitted of the murder of Trayvon Martin, decided it was a good idea to paint a portrait of the teen with the words “Justice For All” transcribed in the background. It would seem that for many, “Justice For All” is exactly what Trayvon Martin did not receive.

To further muddy the waters, Zimmerman was able to garner a $30,000 bid for the painting at an online auction. The gentleman who purchased the painting released a statement to the media which read, “Zimmerman is now a part of history and I wanted to grab my piece of that. He is a very talented artist and a misunderstood, but humble man. I stand by him and hope I can purchase another one of his masterpiece’s down the road.”

The $30,000 is still a far cry from the $100,000 he received for his first painting. That painting was also the subject of controversy, as it mocked the prosecutor in his murder trial.

In a statement posted by CNN, George Zimmerman spoke about the painting, saying:

“Everyone has been asking what I have been doing with myself. I found a creative, way to express myself, my emotions and the symbols that represent my experiences,” the item description for that painting read. “My art work allows me to reflect, providing a therapeutic outlet and allows me to remain indoors.”

Zimmerman recently found himself in the headlines again after agreeing to a celebrity boxing match with New York rapper DMX. The event was quickly cancelled after the public began to voice their disapproval.

  • JRL1

    I don’t understand the anger, Zimmerman shot a criminal, he did a service to the society, black people are the ones responsible for racism, they commit crimes, they glorify gangsters and drug dealers, and yet they protest when Law Enforcement Officers and “Vigilantes” (a derogatory term for law abiding citizens that contribute to the safety of neighborhoods) shot them. In contrast, white people have a much much smaller percentage of criminals. Black people must learn to behave properly if they want to be respected.

    • Dan

      Did he shoot a criminal?! was that decided? did Trayvon have a criminal history? Or was he a dead teen who had no opportunity to tell his side of the story in the court of law? You sound like a pretentious blowhard. All your “BLACK MEN ARE CRIMINALS” rhetoric. jeez go home, you’re drunk.

    • Dj

      Shot a criminal?, no he shot an unarmed teenager that was minding his own business. Beat the charges and now is disrespectfully making a living off what he did!! Let me profile you, approach you, start a fight and blow your fucking brains out and beat the charges…. You wouldn’t be so dam smug then…. White people glorify hate, and their white power, deal drugs, me and commit crimes as well and let’s not forget how. Perverted and nasty ya’ll are sleeping with your son’s and daughters, sisters and shit , but it’s not pasted all over the place like ya’ll do every other race! Go find. Gz and suck his dick, you’re his number one can and ya’ll think alike…. Fucking idiot.

  • AJ

    IT’s funny. If I was even remotely in the same situation as this man, I would just quietly live out my days under a rock, staying low and out of the press. This guy, however, seems to feel untouchable. I have no words…

  • turnergirl

    This is too Frankie, do you remember who but the divided into your family The White man, who taught us black people to fight the white man, after beating your ass like dog, and who rape your woman, who put the gun in our children hand the white man, who will not let our black young man have jobs the white man, who made us slaves and brought us over in ship and beat us the white man, But we don’t Kill like the white man either meaning we don’t bug out like the white man and go and shot up the college and killed in numbers either your white children are on drugs. you say it okay for that crazy GZ to killed a child so where are you in life. I bet your best friend was a black man lol… you sound like a ass hole and racist many GOD bless u to see the real deal. about a white man. and who taught the Black man to kill the white man !!!!!!!!

    • Balz2thawal

      Is this even English?

      You were done wrong… But it was by the school system and not the “white” man.

      Now the Jews on the other hand…they have been done wrong in this lifetime even. 6 million dead in 4 years. More millions starved or worked to near death. Those are victims. You are a goon. The dems have trained you well.

      • Emperor Donlon

        You must be Jewish. The “holocaust” isn’t part of American history but slavery is.

  • Johnk691

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  • Lawrence Miller

    Frankie you should be ashamed to even want anything this worthless bitch made. As a matter of fact, if i were able to be blessed enough to be placed in George Zimmerman and your presence at the same time, i would plant a bullet in between both of you motherfuckers eyes.

    • Frankie

      Why kill me because I enjoy fine art. I am an art lover. You should not be so violent. That is what is wrong with you coloreds today. You will never get ahead. Instead of talking your problems out like the civilized white man you choose to fight and resort to violence. What a shame.

      • LadiiJess

        “civilized white man”??? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

        • LadiiJess

          Wait! Did Zimmerman, the “civilized white man”, talk it out with Trayvon? Or did he pull out a GUN and pull the trigger?

          • Watson

            Good question. According to one scenario (of many that have posited, obviously), Z was on his way back to his truck to await the police whom he’d called about the suspicious individual, T. T mentioned being stalked, so to speak, to his friend on the phone, and she told him the guy might be a pervert wanting man-to-man sex. Infuriated, T went to confront Z and came up to him, demanding, “You got a problem?” Z: “No”. T: “Well you do now…you’re gonna die tonight.” Then he swung on Z and took him down and started bonking his head. Then the gun was struggled over and it was life and death, so Z thought. He pulled the trigger. So, yeah, the gun came out–perhaps T tried to yank it from the holster if he felt it while on top of Z. Again–just speculation. Z is the only surviving witness to most of the struggle (or confrontation/encounter), apparently.

          • Balz2thawal

            It’s elementary my dear Watson.

            Too much logic for this thread.

      • Linda

        Frankie, you are a CAC how dare Zimmerman use the likeness of the young teen he killed because he was black and got away with murder; I bet you will not be able to proudly display that painting without fallback and disgust; and I hope the family lawyer brings litigation against him because he does not have permission use Trayvon’s likeness – just as he did not have permission to sell the painting of Angela Korey remember the ceist and desist and there probably in pending litigation for punitive damages.

    • LOL lawrence??


      Lawrence you are a limp wristed liberal fagboi, die.

    • Balz2thawal

      And they wonder why we don’t want to live next door.

  • Frankie

    To be honest, I am sad. I tried to win the painting but was outbid. This would have been a nice piece to add to my collection. I have been trying to reach Mr. Zimmerman since the close of the auction to see if he would paint one for me. I am glad to see he had found an outlet and he is putting the horrible ordeal he experienced last year behind him and moving forward with his life.

  • Angela

    Continues to show no remorse, its just a matter of time, God will get him.

    • kevin

      “George Zimmerman can’t seem to keep himself out of the headlines?” what a joke. The media can’t seem to stop putting him there!!!

  • latisha

    This is just so sad that he would do something like that. He must be retarded. I really wish somebody would just f*ckin kill him and get away with it just like he did. Lil b*tch gone kill that damn baby and then make fun of it.

    • Watson

      What baby? Three high school suspensions, bragging on facebook and twitter that he’d stomped someone in a fight and was sad that the guy hadn’t bled enough. Wanting to buy a pistol. His mother kicked him out of her house for being uncontrollable. Oh, THAT baby.

  • terrence

    Shut up this Terrence b*tch

  • kelly cornejo

    Being an Artist is fine, but making money after killing this guy is like Charlie Manson who sells his face and stupidity to those who have nothing better to do. Zimmerman should be taken to Court for a retrial just for picking up a paint brush and given a life sentence that he truly deserves.

  • edith police

    How he making money off that child? Zimmerman..come to Connecticut…please

    • PUDDIN 60

      No, come to Chicago.

      • Slade

        I agree he should come here

    • madasHamlet

      No, meet me in Oakland, GZ. I’ll show you what it really means to “stand your ground”, you prick.

  • Andy

    Yup… I hate this man.

  • Brad


    If the killing was justifiable…..where it was my life or theirs….and then I got tried for murder because it was racial prejudice….which was proven false on both counts by a jury of his peers. I’d dig up his grave if it were illegal and shoot him again. F anyone that tries to kill me. You will be unloaded upon until I run out of bullets, not until you stop breathing.

  • Nit ail

    He just keeps taunting & taunting as the situation is soooo funny. On a side note, the buyers may be making a good investment. Art worth usually increases once the artist is dead & the way he is going, somebody is apt to find out where he lives really soon.

  • Ivysaurus

    DISGUSTING. I feel sick to my stomach…
    seriously.. he should have been found guilty and gotten the death penalty

    • bob

      for what…defending himself? he was found not guilty for a reason. You don’t put white people in jail for justifiably shooting a black man just because he’s white.

      • robert

        Bob, that’s same thing I tell angry white people about oj after he was found not guilty by his peers, im glad at least one of you also sees justice that way…thank you

      • Slade

        He killed a innocent boy who was going home. I pray that never happens to anyone you love.
        But I forget people like you are racist pigs.

  • jeff

    Even if thr killing was justifiable which I dont belive it was he still shouldnt be happy about killing someone even if he had to (and im sure he didnt). The loss of life no matter the circumstance is not something to happily celebrate.this is so absolutely disgusting it seriously makes me sick. hes a repeat violent offender thats even pulled his gun on his own family, hes a total scumbag.

    • Kami

      He believes that he is untouchable because no matter what injustice he commits against another he continues to walk free and clear. He will get what is owed to him.