Woman Patents ‘Bye Felicia’, Sues 105 Different Companies


A California woman trademarked the popular phrase “Bye Felicia”, and has filed a lawsuit against many companies who use the phrase on T-Shirts and novelties.

Felicia James said she filed for the trademark in Los Angeles nearly seven years ago, and it was recently approved. “I have used the phrase for business purposes for nearly 15 years,” Felicia James stated. “I was surprised to see the phrase was not owned by anyone, so I jumped at the opportunity. I’ve owned the phrase for commercial purposes for nearly a year now, and have filed lawsuits against 105 different companies.”

James said she sent out over 1,000 cease and desist letters, with many of the companies refusing to comply.

Felicia, who legally owns the phrase, will undoubtedly win each of her 105 lawsuits and could be granted as much as $25 million.

“I plan to file at least 500 more lawsuits in the coming year against entities who refuse to stop using the phrase,” Felicia stated.

The phrase “Bye Felicia” originated from Ice Cube and Chris Tucker’s classic film “Friday.” The movie and phrase are very popular in black culture.

Woman Patents "Bye Felicia", Sues 105 Different Companies

  • LA Woman


  • Jeffrey Tackett

    I’ve patented the phrase “file a lawsuit”, and I’m about to win all that money back from her.

  • James Timothy White

    This is garbage. As a small business expert, there are “first rights” of use and the mark that she claims commercial rights to has to be used consistently. In addition, it has to be in her specific wars and services section.

  • jennifer

    What if my name was Felicia? Could no one ever say bye to me or write it in a letter?

    • Mel

      If this woman saw/heard/found out about it a cease and desist would be issued, but if the person said bye to you again a lawsuit could follow.

      • Steve Spencer

        Lmfao @Mel

    • Denise Smith

      You can you it the phrase without profit.

  • JT, Esq.

    Also, another individual filed a federal application with the USPTO for the term in April. Federal registrations generally trump state registrations.

  • JT, Esq.

    You can’t “patent” a word. The correct term is trademarked.

  • Nonya Business

    They never should have granted rights to such a phrase. An idiom already entered into the public vernacular cannot be owned.

    • Amanda


      How the hell did “Thats hot” get owned by Paris Hilton?

      • jofro

        Paris Hilton doesn’t own “That’s hot”. She tried to copyright it but common sense won out. Nor does Donald trump own “You’re fired”.

        • Nunion

          Nor does Beyonce own the name Blue. But like many…she tried.

  • Big Will

    Seems like Felicia could be sued by the writers and producers of Friday.

    • anne

      LOL! Ok!

    • Robert

      They never patented it Will…so no, they can’t sue her for that since she’s the one that legally owns the phrase.

    • Melissa Howe Pomeranz

      The movie character was actually Felisha, not Felicia… But as they failed to trademark it whatsoever, she was able to.

      • LA Woman

        Melissa you should have patented it 1st now everybody is running on down the company for lazy bitches who do wanna work! Well to be fair it’s mostly just abbreviated the .. –>’CFLBWDWW” LOL

  • Will


    • Steve Spencer

      I am Felicia’s lawyer. I am issuing you a cease and desist letter for your above comment^

      • Guest

        BYE FELICIA !

      • Brandy

        Felicias not her real name. Dumbass lol