Woman’s Butt Bursts After Botched Injections

Botched Butt Injections

Marietta — A woman in an Atlanta suburb is in the hospital today after her rear-end exploded.

Doctors say Shantiqua Jones is in stable but serious condition after her buttocks burst. Jones was  in the gym attempting to tone her newly purchased rear-end by doing squats, when a loud “pop” sound was heard. As Jones fell to the floor and let out a loud scream, many of the gym members believed there might be a shooter in the building. After a close examination, shocked onlookers realized what was going on.

“I heard a bang and saw a lady fall. I thought she might have been shot, but I saw her balloon-like butt was missing. There was blood and puss everywhere. It was extremely hard to see. I just hope she recovers mentally and physically,” a gym patron stated.

Jones had several butt injections completed over the past 14 months, but was unhappy with the results. Her sister, Antoinette Jones revealed that Shantiqua visited a sketchy clinic who assured her she could achieve the desired results she was seeking. Shantiqua completed her final surgery in January of 2014 and left with a 72 inch backside. The clinic is under investigation for many unauthorized surgeries and practicing without the proper licenses. In May of last year, the clinic came under fire after filling a woman’s rear-end with grocery bags full of sand. Investigators were unable to prove the clinic was responsible for the surgery and their doors remained open.

There has been a recent increase in women having surgeries to increase the size of their backsides to unhealthy proportions. Psychologists are linking the act to very low self-esteem and a need to be accepted by men and envied by women.

Shantiqua is expected to make a full recovery but will require extensive levels of plastic surgery to repair the damage. Doctors believe Jones will have a difficult time dealing with the ramifications of her actions.

In October of 2013, Ron Oneal Morris received 1 year in jail after performing unauthorized butt injections. Investigators say Morris was filling the women with Fix-a-Flat, cement and superglue.

Ron Oneal Morris

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