CeeLo Green Planning Radical Procedure To Expand Neck Length

CeeLo Green Planning Radical Procedure To Expand Neck Length

Atlanta singer CeeLo Green is planning a radical cosmetic procedure to expand the length of his neck. The 39-year-old five time Grammy Award winner has been consulting with a German surgeon, who says the procedure is planned for later this year.

Dr. Tobias Schmidt detailed the complicated procedure, which will expand the length of CeeLo’s neck in a German publication. “Mr. Green will undergo both Cervicoplasty, Platysmaplasty, as well as an additional procedure which will gradually increase the length of his neck over time. For nearly a year, the patient must wear a brace that can be adjusted daily to gradually add one inch of length.”

“The combination of these surgeries should give Mr. Green the desired look he is trying to achieve,” he continued. “There are some risks involved with this complicated process, but we do not expect anything to arise which could threaten Mr. Green’s safety.”

CeeLo recently gave an interview in which he revealed he was unhappy with the appearance of his neck. “One day I was struggling to put on a neck tie and I just knew I had to make a change. My tie ended up wrapped around the back of my head because there wasn’t enough room on my neck. I can no longer live like this. I want to experience the joy of having an Adam’s apple.”

CeeLo recently left his gig with The Voice in order to serve as the executive producer of an upcoming family comedy on NBC.

– CeeLo Green Planning Radical Procedure To Expand Neck Length

  • pootie shabazz

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  • Von Blair

    Lose weight dummie

  • Hello

    Is this a joke? Did he not take P.E.??

    STRETCH your neck, Dude! Wow! Some people are so detached from their own bodies.. it’s nuts.

    • JAY

      He just needs to loose weight then his neck will show again he had a neck when he first came out rapping he was smaller

  • Yalonda

    He neck was expanded when he was smaller.What is wrong with these celebrities.Craziness!

  • Nik

    maybe if he lost some weight he could see his neck… maybe that’s option there>????? just a thought CeeLo

    • BRG

      Yea loose some weight and you will finally be able to see your neck Ceelo!!!

      • pootie shabazz

        Slap yo ass with a pancake

  • Zaidi

    It’s called ‘Decapitation’! LOL