Chris Brown Brutally Attacked in Jail

Chris Brown Attacked in Jail

California — Chris Brown is suffering multiple injuries after being attacked in jail.

The 24-year-old Virgina singer has multiple lacerations and bruises on his face after the brutal attack. While playing basketball, two men approached Brown and began to engage in a shouting match. According to various reports, one of the men shouted, “I’m about to do you like you did Rihanna.”

Chris Brown attempted to flee the men, but was quickly caught. Brown was admitted to a nearby hospital where he received 25 stitches to close a gash over his left eye. Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, revealed his client intends to sue the jail for failing to provide adequate security for him.

The Virginia singer will spend at least a month behind bars after a California judge denied him bail for probation violation. Judge James Brandlin revealed that Brown was kicked out of a Malibu rehab program for violating three separate rules. He was ordered to stay at least 2 feet away from all women in the facility. He was spotted “rubbing elbows” with a female on the premises. Chris Brown also refused to take a drug test after an outing. The “Look At Me Now” singer also threatened members of a therapy group saying, “I am good at using guns and knives.”

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  • Joshim Uddin

    fuck this woman beaters who dont they burn in hell

  • mel

    leave breezy alone… the rihanna thing was sad but we all have a right to move on.. stop dwelling in the past.. if god didn’t forgive us none of us would be here.. move on..

  • Dee Folpp


  • Alizeh

    It really hurts when people treat him like this.
    When the accident of him hitting Rihanna took place he then was.a young little boy who had minimum knowledge about how to control the rage.
    People don’t let him be and punish him for his past.
    HE needs love not hatred.

    • mbf

      oh please, how would you feel if were your daughter, sister, cousin, dear friend, anyone you care for, who was beaten by this jerk! stop it please.

      he deserved that beating, and deserves more of them. let him be shown the respect he demonstrated to Rihanna, and all the other females he has been abusive to by bad mouthing, cursing and who knows if even pusing, intimidating, threatening, etc. HE IS A PUNK THAT NEEDS MORE THAN JUST ONE BEATING!

      • Joshim Uddin

        go fuck your mom

  • Niecy

    Regardless on how ppl feel about him,he still shouldn’t have to get beat up like that and sent to the hospital wtf. Yes what he did to rhianna was wrong in every way. He was young and dumb and thank God she didn’t recv any stitches. I pray he gets out asap bc men without celebrity status don’t have to go thru what he’s being put thru for a domestic violence case! He’s being made an example out of and it’s just wrong! TeamBreezy4Life! Hate on!

  • Pete Sears

    Guy can dish it out, but can’t take it, what a wuss. Karma, baby, karma.

    • Paul


  • EddieG

    lol if you think Chris Brown is someone who should actually be noted for his “talent” you are one of the reasons its going backward, and im glad someone put that bitch in his place, now if only the same would happen to lil wayne, kanye, drake and all those other faggots who are fucking up a musical legacy left by black people who actually fought for something or left a positive message… this came from a white guy, have a nice day

    • learn life

      In that order! !!!!

      • ashley

        First of all he doesnt deserve that..rihanna is in the past..he moved on and so did she..why take up for her she went right back to him after that incident so apparently she accepted it..cant defend someone who is going to go back to the same situation..

  • GaGa Hamilton

    Now all these rich white actors and singers get a slap on the hand and they go out their way to support these white actors and singers. When it comes to our black entertainers they want to put them under the jail and treat them like slaves. Weak up Black folks can’t you see we ate going backward instead of forward.

    • jackdaniels

      Yeah, you should be complaining less about the fact that he’s black and more that he’s a celebrity getting only 1 month in prison where any non-celebrity, no matter what color, would be getting more prison time. You should also note that actors in general when compared to other actors, get about the same time in prison, but when compared to the rest of the population, their sentences are much more lenient. You’re argument about black mistreatment would be better served if you were comparing white and black people on the streets.