Jay-Z Says Eminem is The Most Overrated Rapper of All Time

Jay-Z Says Eminem is The Most Overrated Rapper of All Time

In a recent interview with Music One, Jay-Z was asked about the current state of music and how he felt about many of today’s most popular artist.

When speaking about Eminem, the Brooklyn rapper labeled the Detroit native the most overrated rapper of all-time. “I don’t really understand the appeal of dude,” Jay-Z said of Eminem. “He dropped a few hot verses back in the day, but he’s been mad average for many years now. He is probably the most overrated rapper of all-time, but he did really well targeting his audience. He is a genius in that sense, but in the bigger scheme of things, there are a million rappers who were and are lightyears ahead of him.”

Jay also spoke about Eminem’s album sales, saying it is a travesty that he is the highest-selling rapper of all-time. “When you really think about it, it’s ridiculous that Em has outsold so many rappers with real talent. 2Pac, Nas, Big, Kanye, and myself would rap circles around him. I am not trying to take away from his talent, but in all reality, he is catalogue can’t match mine.”

“The last hot verse he did was on my track,” Jay-Z said, alluding to Eminem’s verse on Renegade.

Eminem is not only the best selling rapper of all-time, but he also the second best selling individual male artist, falling behind only Garth Brooks. His cumulative album sales have grown to 44.91 million (in the Soundscan era), and continue to swell.

All-Time Top Selling Artist
Garth – 69.52 million.
The Beatles – 65.55 million
Metallica – 54.26 million
Mariah Carey – 54.24 million
Celine Dion – 52.21 million

  • joel

    A book scholar? That’s not a thing… Point proven hahaha farewell

    • just admit your savior Gay-z is a trash rapper fuck boy you can’t take it he sorry as fuck

      • Matthew Kwan

        I don’t rock Molly I rock Tom Ford.

  • joel

    A book scholar? That’s not a thing… Point proven hahaha farewell

  • Martin Dunlap

    ohh the contradiction… 2009 to 2014….

  • Mitchell Carlos Rivera

    Nah I think Eminem has reached levels of Jay and Nas in certain songs but what it is is the Granmys haven’t been fair or accurrate in how they’ve given out rap awards. Nas recorded arguably the best rap album ever and never one award. Jay-Z’s awards don’t match his catalouge. As far as Kanye rapping circle’s around Eminem? Nah I wouldn”t go that far some of Eminem’s songs sound great and are on par with a black artist like Jay or Nas or Pun. I think this is more of a response to such favortism going to white artists in certain situations. Or choosing black artists for other reasons like being deemed acceptable.

  • world ofmyown

    2pac, Biggie, Jay-z, DMX, are the best rappers can’t figure out what Em is rapping, i hate someone shoutin’ through my speakers.

  • M Macmillan

    Just typed Eminem overrated into Google this morning and was happy to find out Jay-Z and I are on the same page. Album sales and fame aren’t an indicator of talent. That isn’t to say Eminem lacks talent but he’s a one trick pony. Angry and miserable teen rap gets old quickly.

  • Ray Bell

    While everyone’s arguing over who’s better, if you want to prove someone wrong, the smartest and only possible way to PROVE your case is to use facts to support your argument. And in this case, because the topic of discussion is opinionated, it can’t be proven. Choosing the best requires comparison of record sells, awards, and ability to access mainstream. So in your argument, if you wish to make it effective, you should use these references to PROVE your point. It should not include biased positions, opinions, praise, exaggeration, nor irrational thinking. The reason why is because though many may agree with you, there are going to be those who oppose for there own reasons. I, myself, am a die-hard Eminem fan. I listen to many other rappers too, including some of the ones mentioned throughout the comments. But I favor Eminem over them all and he’s the only one I could listen to all day. Why? Because he affects ME as a listener. He appeals to MY emotions. His flow, seductive vocabulary, how he makes his songs narratives, it all makes ME like his music. But I won’t let my opinion dictate how great of an artist he is to everyone else. I don’t praise him for it. Though his music affects me, he hasn’t really contributed to physical nor spiritual growth. So I can’t and refuse to argue back and forth, trying to prove my opinion is better than yours. Now, if I wanted to prove it, I would do it using facts, so that way you can’t deny them and would have to agree with everything that logically follows. The reason that there are many genres of music, art, and literature and many different artists and authors is because of the sole fact that in a world of different people, there are different interests. So in one mind Eminem is the best and in another one’s he’s the worst. The only way you could every justify it is through facts and statistics. And even if proven right or wrong, statistics doesn’t necessarily change one’s opinion, especially on something like this. So fans need to understand that you like that particular artist because they interest you, so you should be concerned about who else does or doesn’t. I could fairly assume that every artist did not become who they are because they wanted to be the best(though so would like that title and are aiming for it), it all started because they had a particular story or skill and wanted to showcase it so people in the future could remember the impacted they made on society.

  • bobbydbeast

    Jay, Nas and Kanye all are garbage!! Look at EM’s #’s on most albums sold of ALL-TIME!! The ONLY MALE ARTIST to sell more is Garth Brooks!!! Google that!!!

  • Holly M Colino

    IA – the white (eminem) rapper thing needs to stop.

    1980’s – 3rd base and MC Snow
    1990’s – Cypress Hill and Psypher

    These are a few of the many ‘white’ rappers or rap groups before Eminem.

    Oh ..I have to add – House of Pain!

  • Rita Vissers

    Interesting fact, i see (when going trough these comments) that it is mostly black people hating Em, i am sure iot has nothing to do with the color of his skint, right?

  • Vigilante Salazar

    And that’s actually how rappers such as Eminem has it made. Many unsung and unsigned art submit their music to record labels be stored yet to told they not interested but keep the music to steal as original or redesign to prevent law sue to give to rappers and artist that are failing in the creativity inspiration. Eminem could have a sworn to secrecy team of English and poetry writes to help craft his stolen materials. When in college, I was planning to develop my own rap dictionary in my programming class to help me develop my unique skills. The program was to be a complete comprehensive rhyming dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia That had every famous quote, phrase and slogans all alphabetical order with homonyms, synonyms and antonyms broken syllable with prefix and suffix all rhyming, with the user keying in one word that would population on screen every word that rhymes along with quote, slogans set syllable arrangements and prefix and suffix arrangements all rhyming in alphabetical order. EMINEM HAS MONEY TO HIRE A SILICON VALLEY PROGRAMMER UNDER STRICT CONFIDENTIALITY AS BUSINESS AND GOVERNMENT DO TO WRITE THAT PROGRAM EXCLUSIVELY FOR HIM ONLY. I KNOW THIS BECAUSE I AM A RAPPER THAT WENT TO COLLEGE FOR PROGRAMMING TO DO JUST THAT.

    • Holly M Colino

      Wow- I never heard of such a thing? I’ll research into it. Yes – I am aware (looked at credits of 4 albums-posted the info on a Eminem fans Examination page on FBook) that E has used allot of people’s originality for just about every song. Although, he did exhibit dissing skills when he rap battled.

    • Holly M Colino

      I saw your other reply below. I actually detected some NWA influence in the Infinite. The Maxine story and the ‘tops bitch in trunk’ were done by NWA. I rap myself. I never scripted or studied rappers. You don’t need to. If you naturally have spright for rap and singing, the words and rhythm will just come out. So many young boys want to be what they look up to and they want it as soon as they see it. They start to copy and mimic. By doing so, they arrest their own character in attempts to mimic another’s. Many are mimicking another mimicker as well.