Patti Labelle Arrested After Fist Fight with Aretha Franklin

Patti Labelle Arrested

Atlanta — Legendary singer Patti Labelle arrested and charged with assault and battery after attacking Aretha Franklin.

The singers were in Atlanta for an R&B/Soul concert on March 20th when they ran into each other backstage. Labelle was still fuming from a recent run-in with Franklin at the White House for the “Women of Soul” concert. While Aretha Franklin was making her way to the stage, Labelle extended her hand to greet the “Respect” singer, when she threw epic shade in an effort to avoid her.

While at the concert in Atlanta, Labelle attempted to approach Franklin to resolve their outstanding issues, but Franklin once again turned up her nose. Onlookers say Labelle quickly removed her wig and earrings as she approached Franklin. Aretha, knowing that the removal of earrings is a tell-tale sign that a fight is about to ensue, attempted to prepare herself for the confrontation. Franklin was quickly struck with a Mayweather style right and left and stumbled backwards, landing awkwardly. Bystanders subdued Labelle and escorted her outside of the venue. Franklin suffered only minor injuries.

Labelle was quickly apprehended by the Atlanta Police Department and charged with assault and battery. She was released on a $10,000 bail and will appear in court on April 16th.

Patti Labelle Arrested

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  • nickelos85

    All in all, I truly think Patti’s anger comes from the fact that Aretha and Diana has had more fame and name recognition as legends than her. Despite maintaining a high level of singing prowess for her WHOLE career. Aretha had to get a vocal coach years back to stage a comeback. Diana was never really was a strong singer in my eyes, she gets her legend as the face of motown during their golden age. Aretha gets her legend mainly off of “respect” and a handful of others. Patti hasn’t gotten that true legend status yet. You see Tina Turner has that a bigger status than all 3 and happI’ll comfortable and retired in france. Tina could have a comeback and would still sell out arenas. Just my 2 cents.

  • Angie Holley

    Bummer, to have to go to jail without your wig!

  • Gabriel Acevedo

    We now know the story is a lie….it’s funny as he’ll, but it’s not true.

    HOWEVER!!!!!!….THE GIF above does not lie. I have absolutely no idea, aside from some petty jealousy, why Aretha, in her old age, has been so juvenile towards Patti, FOR DECADES, now.

    I swear to God, I’ve been hearing about this rift, since my own Mom told me about it…AND THAT WAS WELL OVER 30 years ago..I’m not kidding.

    Out of all the little tiffs, I’ve heard about, I can honestly say, there’s only two out of a million, that sound remotely near the truth…and neither has been covered much in the national press, at all.

    My Mom was a secretary at Casablanca Records, for many yrs..her best friend, Joyce, worked 4 blocks from her…same job, but it was with Atlantic Records, where she had been working nearly 15 years at that point, and saw the Aretha/Patti feud come to fruition for the very first time..she got my Mom the job at Casablanca Records, and she told my Mom all about this drama the day, Aretha arrived..

    The first incident, was back in the late 60s…Aretha “moved” to Atlantic Records from Columbia Records. She was being managed at that time by her husband, who told the head/owner of Atlantic, Jerry Wexler, he wanted her to be prioritized….Jerry, liked Aretha a lot but told them he had just signed a girl group that was as impressive as Aretha…and they could sing Gospel, rock, soul and pop…he didn’t want to allocate money to two acts, doing the same material. My Mom’s friend saw and heard how it all went down, because she was Jerry’s receptionist and occasional assistant….and she said she heard Aretha say (I swear to God, I’m not kidding), “I know damn well, the Bluebelles can’t sing Gospel like me!…and Joyce, my Mom’s friend, said she heard Aretha ask where the nearest piano was…

    They all walked down a hall to a recording studio…and by the time she had nearly finished singing and playing, Jerry had signed her without her even knowing, because he had handled it all in his office, with her husband….Joyce, actually, interrupted Aretha at one point, and told her, Arif wanted to see her in his office…

    A week later, the Blubelles, changed their name to LaBelle, to shake things up…and they were headed to England for awhile to reinvent themselves. Joyce was told to call Patti, Sarah and Nona in to Jerry’s office…and a day before they got on a plane to the UK, Jerry let them go and released them from Atlantic.

    Patti apparently didn’t think the meeting was a big deal, so she didn’t bring in Sarah or Nona, with her. But Aretha was there, because she and her husband we’re negotiating her contract…when Patti showed up, Joyce forgot to tell Patti, Jerry was busy…so Patti walked on in his office.

    And it was Aretha’s husband who asked Patti, if she was really Patti Labelle….Patti said something like, “I’m the only one I know of, sugar”…and that’s when it got a little tense, as Joyce put it, because Aretha turned around and told Patti, “uh, Patti…this is my husband, not your sugar, OK darlin’?”

    And I swear, that’s where this whole crapshow, starts…with Patti just being Patti…and Aretha reacting to something silly in a pretty weird way.

    When Joyce told me about the incident, I thought about all the yrs where Aretha would say something weird about Patti, as well as other singers…and all the pettiness made sense..

    Joyce said that Patti apologized and promised Aretha she wasn’t interested in Ted White, her husband because she had her own man. Jerry Wexler then made the HUGE mistake of telling Patti she and her girls had been dropped, while Aretha was still in the room…

    there was some awkward silence before Patti told Jerry she didn’t appreciate the unprofessionalism of being told in front of other people… and then, Aretha’s husband laughed to make it all worse. Joyce claims, Patti then told Aretha, “sweetie, if he can’t be more man than how he’s acting right now, I know you and him ain’t gon’ be in it, but a minute”.

    And to hear Joyce tell it, Aretha has worn Patti out with a resentment born out of that meeting for nearly 50 years!!!…and just like Patti said, Aretha and Ted were divorced a few years later…I was absolutely floored when I heard the ENTIRE story…and I had a very hard time dismissing it, because when I think of all the snarky comments and mannerisms coming from Aretha in Patti’s direction, again, it made too much sense…

    It basically boils down to two men, inciting all of this, because they couldn’t be professional, where it was called for..

    Neither Aretha nor Patti have EVER spoken about the very first time they met, spoke and clashed, to my knowledge. And my guess is, neither wanted to be painted as the petty diva, fighting the other because of what two stupid men did…but it’s a true story. Joyce called my Mom during a lunch break, to tell her…and the following weekend she came to our house to tell all of usknowledge what happened . And for years, whenever someone would mention their names, she would recount that story, like it had happened two says before she told it…

    The one other story Joyce told me about involved a comment Aretha made at a banquet fundraiser for the rhythm & blues hall of fame in 1986 or so, I think. Bonnie Raitt, threw a fundraiser for retired black soul singers, basically, that had been ignored by the Rock & Roll hall of fame…the money raised was given to a charity that met the daily needs of a lot of the stars from the 50s & 60s, who had been ripped off by recording execs and concert promoters..

    Jerry Butler, Aretha, Patti, Smokey Robinson and Dionne Warwick were a few of the stars, introducing singers and/or singing themselves….Joyce and my Mom, we’re there with the record companies they worked for, and all their Co workers…and they all had their own tables..

    And they all heard Aretha say to Jerry, who told the crowd, Aretha would be singing after Patti and him did a duet, “I have never followed you or her onstage, and I’m not starting tonight, either!…if the band can’t accommodate me in 5 minutes, you and Patti LaBelle, can sing all night long, cuz I’m outta here!”…my own Mother heard that one, and all me and my sister could do was look at each other and shake our heads, at how petty Aretha has been..

    I love them both for different reasons… and their music pulls up memories from a childhood that I really enjoyed. And I wish I could say, the feud was really a feud.. 50/50 feud, started by both. But it wasn’t…I hate to be a buzz kill, but Aretha started all this crap. And that’s the truth…the whole truth..and nothing but the truth.

  • Mitchell Steven

    This is a big fat lie. THIS NEVER HAPPENED and there is a 10 million dollar law suit for libel. I hate LYERS!

  • Shag

    This can’t be true. That said, Aretha is a well- known egomaniac, but fighting? Come on Patti!

  • Bella Donna

    Diana Ross deserves to be slapped. I had friends that work around her say she was a VERY VERY NASTY WOMAN.

  • Dena Robins

    Shame Shame Shame If Only You Knew Come on Divas be ladies. Love you both

  • Eyvette Flowers

    We weren’t there so we don’t know what happened. This issue happened back in march. We are almost in July. I’d rather here the story from the mouth of either Patti or Aretha! You can’t talk what you don’t know!

  • sexy Sagittarius

    as a young woman I’ve always looked up to both of these young ladies but things do happen but I will say this go patti

  • Kyle

    Patti should have had a snickers

  • Jessica2248

    Didn’t Aretha file a lawsuit against y’all for printing these lies???

  • Robert

    So because someone does not speak to you, it’s ok to assault them? This is america and I don’t have to speak to anyone that I don’t want to. Super star or not.. Why is it ignorant to not want to speak to someone? Jealousy, both of these women have amazing careers and made a lot of money. And they don’t have to speak to one another. That’s Aretha’s prerogative!

  • Sapho-minds Wright

    They are too old to act this way PERIOD!!! I don’t care about the reason I’m looking at how both ladies handled the situation. When you’re damn near in a person’s face the polite thing to do is speak especially when they’re reaching out to you and Ms. Patti you can go hitting people because they don’t speak to you…keep it classy ladies, I hope there’s no video!

  • Richard Lively

    I’m with Aretha Franklin. Pattie Labelle had no business attacking Aretha. Aretha ignored Patti for good reason. She violent and wants more of the spit light. I remember she took the Mike from Diana Ross while she was singing on stage stealing the spot light. She jealous of Aretha Franklin because she’s the Queen of Soul and Diana Ross is second and Pattie Labelle comes in at third. It’s nothing but jealousy and that’s why Pattie Labelle is forceful the way she is. She an attention seeker. If not why do these things occur only during a concert. She definitely jealous of Aretha Franklin. And Aretha is not afraid of Pattie. That’s why Pattie assaulted Franklin. Aretha had her beat mentally, and Pattie went evil about it.

  • Gina Clark-Reddick

    Apparently they had some beef prior to this incident. They both could of handle this in a professional manor.

  • Antonio M

    Is this true??? I need to see some other news sources on this.

  • Reggie Rizer Sr.

    Yall think this is real eh?

  • DJ

    Shame on you Miss Pattie Labelle.. You are legend.. You represent the black community.. This is not how someone of your stature acts.. Smh!!!

  • SRR126

    ahhhh… people of color… always a source of endless amusement…
    You can take the rat out of the hood but you can’t surgically remove the hood-rat.