Allen Iverson Seen Begging for Change Outside Atlanta’s Lenox Mall

Allen Iverson Seen Begging for Change Outside Atlanta's Lenox Mall

“I don’t even have money for a cheeseburger,” said Iverson.

Troubled former NBA basketball player Allen Iverson was seen begging for change outside of Lenox Mall in Atlanta. Several mall patrons reported a man with a disheveled appearance harassing them for change.

When security arrived, they were shocked to see it was none other than basketball legend Allen Iverson. Iverson was asked to leave the premises by mall security.

Jason Seaworth, who works security at the mall, says it was very difficult for him to ask Iverson to leave as he was one of his childhood heroes. “One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do was asking my hero to leave the mall. It was very sad to see him in such a bad place. I really hope he gets his life together and somehow returns to prominence,” Seaworth stated.

Allen Iverson fell on hard times when his basketball career abruptly ended. Though the 76ers legend is currently bankrupt, he does have a $30 million trust with Reebok, which he cannot access until he is 55-years-old.

Over his NBA career, Iverson made over $154.5 million in salary. The 39-year-old also racked up quite a bit of income in endorsements, bringing his income to over $200 million.

Iverson blew through his money at an alarming rate on gaudy jewelry, expensive cars, and other frivolous purchases. In 2012, a Georgia judge garnished his wages to satisfy a $859,896.46 debt to a jeweler.

During his divorce proceedings in 2012, Iverson told an Atlanta judge, “I don’t even have money for a cheeseburger,” while turning his pockets inside out.

While in the middle of a financial bind, Iverson purchased an elaborate mansion, but lost the property to foreclosure less than a year later. It is believed that he is now homeless and bounces around from home to home.

Iverson has been working hard to get his life back on track. He hopes to one day re-join the 76ers with an office position.

  • J Nags

    How ironic that the man that incited a riot and threw a chair at a girl, which ultimately put her in the hospital for a long time, in a bowling alley while he was in high school ends up Poor !!! From day 1, he was destined for failure !!

  • Joshua Newsome

    I never was much of a sports fan and ive paid little attention to the rising legends of any sport. I recently watched a netflix doc about Mr. Iverson…it was alarming not because of his critisized behavior or even his talent on the court. Because I heard “God” being thrown around so much yet few including friends,family, fans or coaches truly understand the characteristics and valued the faith in Jesus Christ entails. Humility, respect, honor, meekness are all qualities that uplift God in a person. Everyone should think on that…chew on that.