Allen Iverson Seen Begging for Change Outside Atlanta’s Lenox Mall

Allen Iverson Seen Begging for Change Outside Atlanta's Lenox Mall

“I don’t even have money for a cheeseburger,” said Iverson.

Troubled former NBA basketball player Allen Iverson was seen begging for change outside of Lenox Mall in Atlanta. Several mall patrons reported a man with a disheveled appearance harassing them for change.

When security arrived, they were shocked to see it was none other than basketball legend Allen Iverson. Iverson was asked to leave the premises by mall security.

Jason Seaworth, who works security at the mall, says it was very difficult for him to ask Iverson to leave as he was one of his childhood heroes. “One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do was asking my hero to leave the mall. It was very sad to see him in such a bad place. I really hope he gets his life together and somehow returns to prominence,” Seaworth stated.

Allen Iverson fell on hard times when his basketball career abruptly ended. Though the 76ers legend is currently bankrupt, he does have a $30 million trust with Reebok, which he cannot access until he is 55-years-old.

Over his NBA career, Iverson made over $154.5 million in salary. The 39-year-old also racked up quite a bit of income in endorsements, bringing his income to over $200 million.

Iverson blew through his money at an alarming rate on gaudy jewelry, expensive cars, and other frivolous purchases. In 2012, a Georgia judge garnished his wages to satisfy a $859,896.46 debt to a jeweler.

During his divorce proceedings in 2012, Iverson told an Atlanta judge, “I don’t even have money for a cheeseburger,” while turning his pockets inside out.

While in the middle of a financial bind, Iverson purchased an elaborate mansion, but lost the property to foreclosure less than a year later. It is believed that he is now homeless and bounces around from home to home.

Iverson has been working hard to get his life back on track. He hopes to one day re-join the 76ers with an office position.

  • Jimmy Jhonny

    My sis went to school with Victor Paige out Mickenly Tech in D.C.. Paige and Iverson were Hoyas together, Victor also had a hard fall, He was involved in a career ending shooting which left him blind in one eye and served prison time for another case.

    Seems like Thompson couldn’t reach these two as he did Alonzo when that drug kingpin Rayful Edmond started to get close, no doubt Thompson’s decision was a benefit for Alonzo not just in sport but in life.

  • the_zone

    What a shame….



  • Michael Sears

    Hey we got an extra bedroom you can come stay with me and my wife in Philly

  • shannon

    This is a bunch of bull crap. I’m not going to get into his financial situation because I don’t know. But I will say this I live in the Atlanta area and I’ve seen him at Lenox mall on more then one occasion. Once jumping out of maybach shopping like a baller. He might be broke compared to his peers but me being a 9 to 5 guy making a decent living his hand looks a whole lot better then mine….just saying. Feel free to hate him or love him but he is definitely not begging for change.

  • Flor Providence

    God bless him during this difficult time in his life. If I knew where he was I would pick him up and bring him home. All he probably ever knew was pain from his family and the drugs that he saw growing up in the Hampton roads area. He had an IDENTITY being in basketball but now that is gone. The pain and loneliness is one heck of combination for anyone to deal with and no help from the media. Praying for him that someone with positive Christian values comes into his life and shares the hope that God gives to everyone. God bless you Allen Iverson where ever you are tonight!!

  • Fuck YOU

    really yall

  • Allen Iverson

    That aint true, Im rich, haters!!!

  • DrMantis Toboggan

    This site is a scam

  • Run

    This story is a lie! He’s doing fine. He has some nagging financial issues, but they aren’t insurmountable.

    A.I. has a $32M pension that he cannot access in-full until age 55, but which pays him $1M annually until he reaches that age. When he turns 45 he will begin receiving another $100K per year from his NBA pension.

    That doesn’t include his residuals from gaming, merchandise and memorabilia sales, and interest on his off-shore accounts.

    Switzerland and the Caiman Islands are always in play with rich athletes. They have to hide that money from their disgruntled wives and side-chicks somehow.

    A.I. also played overseas at the behest of good friend Stephon Marbury; so he is still earning income. If things get really bad, all he has to do is file bankruptcy!

    Furthermore, his pension is judgment-proof, just as O.J.’s $300K/year pension is/was, so no creditor can touch it.

  • robmac25

    I remember being a kid, watching this guy do amazing things on the court. the first time he took us to the playoffs we decorated our entire house to show support for him and the team. him and matt geiger on the news paper. its sad to see him like this but I don’t feel pad for him!!! he made over $200 million dollars in his career! he should have saved something. this isn’t the first time hearing this type of story among the black community. people might be upset with me, but they can’t deny the facts! you can take them out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of them! being black, I know how it is!!!
    just a little piece of my mind!

  • soaponapope

    it’s not the cars and the houses that makes these guys go broke. stuff like that is expensive to us but nothing when you have hundreds of millions. it’s everyONE else. it’s the cousin, the second cousin, the third cousin you never knew you had who needs help with the rent, to get their stuff out of storage, to pay those parking tickets, to buy their kids clothes, to get their car out of the shop; sycophants, all of them, and he just didn’t know how to say no. so it’s not that he is some petty degenerate like you are suggesting he is, it’s quite the opposite, it’s that he is too generous.

    also, he didn’t turn his pockets out and say the cheeseburger thing to a judge, he said it to his now ex-wife who was trying to get as much out of him as she could during the divorce. and he was telling the truth.

    today, every NBA rookie has to attend week long orientation in Florham Park, NJ where they are prepared for the off the court aspect of playing as a pro. they attend talks from players whose careers went down due to substance abuse, they are shown the ropes on all the scams and con artist tradecraft, and, today, part of that is a phase covering wealth management. but its the delight, the pleasure I see when we see people who have what we don’t fail. we treat it like some embarrassment of riches and then point and laugh. why do we love to denigrate people like a society of iconoclasts?

  • Wop

    proof it was him?

  • Brandon May

    I feel bad for him, but at the same time this is all his fault. If he wasn’t such an idiot when it came to spending his money he would still be living very comfortably in a mansion somewhere, but instead he is begging for money outside a mall. I hate to see a man that was once so proud be torn down like this, but damn. In the end, it is his fault. Go get a job at McDonalds in the meantime. It might ruin his pride, but it’s at least something better than begging for money because you are earning your money. Where are his ex teammates or family members? They can’t help the guy out any? Come on now. God Bless him and hopefully he gets his life back on track.

  • doug1970

    This is a classic example of athletes who do not grow up and expect everything to handed to them. They should be planning their future as athletes, no blowing their dough on cars, women, etc.

  • kpom

    Say what you will, but whoever structured that deal with Reebok was prescient, and Iverson will thank him or her in 16 years when he realizes he’s set for the rest of his life. We put these athletes on pedestals, but don’t teach them that even $150 million can come and go if you aren’t careful about it. For the next 16 years or so, hopefully Iverson can bide his time as a member of the middle class, perhaps coaching kids at a local school or taking a “regular” job in a store or office, knowing that someone thought of his future and set a lot of money aside for him later, which he’ll do a better job of keeping the second time around.

  • Jethro

    Good for all of you that don’t want to “judge”. I’m not that way though so I will, to hell with all of those scumbags that took advantage of A.I. throughout his life and NBA career. How dare they watch the man who supported them go through these times. There is NO reason A.I. should find himself having to beg for money when these scumbags owe him for what he’s done for them!

  • Tyson123

    Iverson is not broke.

  • Tyson123


  • Dick hertz

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