Allen Iverson Seen Begging for Change Outside Atlanta’s Lenox Mall

Allen Iverson Seen Begging for Change Outside Atlanta's Lenox Mall

“I don’t even have money for a cheeseburger,” said Iverson.

Troubled former NBA basketball player Allen Iverson was seen begging for change outside of Lenox Mall in Atlanta. Several mall patrons reported a man with a disheveled appearance harassing them for change.

When security arrived, they were shocked to see it was none other than basketball legend Allen Iverson. Iverson was asked to leave the premises by mall security.

Jason Seaworth, who works security at the mall, says it was very difficult for him to ask Iverson to leave as he was one of his childhood heroes. “One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do was asking my hero to leave the mall. It was very sad to see him in such a bad place. I really hope he gets his life together and somehow returns to prominence,” Seaworth stated.

Allen Iverson fell on hard times when his basketball career abruptly ended. Though the 76ers legend is currently bankrupt, he does have a $30 million trust with Reebok, which he cannot access until he is 55-years-old.

Over his NBA career, Iverson made over $154.5 million in salary. The 39-year-old also racked up quite a bit of income in endorsements, bringing his income to over $200 million.

Iverson blew through his money at an alarming rate on gaudy jewelry, expensive cars, and other frivolous purchases. In 2012, a Georgia judge garnished his wages to satisfy a $859,896.46 debt to a jeweler.

During his divorce proceedings in 2012, Iverson told an Atlanta judge, “I don’t even have money for a cheeseburger,” while turning his pockets inside out.

While in the middle of a financial bind, Iverson purchased an elaborate mansion, but lost the property to foreclosure less than a year later. It is believed that he is now homeless and bounces around from home to home.

Iverson has been working hard to get his life back on track. He hopes to one day re-join the 76ers with an office position.

  • PE TE

    AI bumming money turned into a Christian debate?
    It is unfortunate that such a talented athlete is destitute, that being said his posse was enormous. Rarely do pro athletes make wise financial decisions. Hopefully he lives long enough to collect on his trust in 16 years. AI was awesome to watch he gave his all except in practice of course.

  • Marcellus

    Probably not true. In todays times “Where’s the video” Stopt IT

  • Darknlovely

    Lol sure

    • Guest

      Thumbs up dude

  • Verbal Kent

    Pictures. Where are the pictures?

  • Annette Porter White

    I will never down someone, first of all, I don’t know Allen Iverson personally, I know He was great at what He did as a Pro Ball Player, even if I knew Him personally, I would never Judge Him, We all fall short, Be We get back up, If I had the money to give to this young Man I would, learn to give, this is what God wants us to do, I know that He would appreciate a little help right now, Mr. Iverson I am sorry to hear that you are going through hard times. Me & My Family are praying for the best for you & your Family, take care of yourself, You will be ok, and learn from this who your real Friends are.

  • Annette Porter White

    My Son loved you when He was nine. I had to purchase all of your gear from tennis shoes to the warm up suits, wishing you the best, We all need to learn to give back.

  • Mike

    you people are disgusting and pathetic. he blew all of his money on houses he couldn’t afford, expensive jewelry and fancy cars yet you still worship him like a god.

  • Jalil

    All these bible quotes. God didn’t make him blow through $200 mil. Stupidity and arrogance did.

  • Andrew Y

    How does one go through this much money? Even if he loses 40% to taxes and another 10% to lawyers and agents, that still leaves $100M. Sure, he had high living expenses, but I can’t have too much sympathy for a person that is this reckless. Especially with 5 children. That is just terrible. I hope he’s at least provided for them.

    55 is a long way off. Perhaps they will deeply discount the trust and have someone get him back on his feet.

  • lala19

    He’s just a guy who made some bad decisions in life, he’s just in need of some help right now, and if I run across him I’ll truly look out for him, get him back on the right road, put a lik funding in his pocket and get a hot meal in his stomach some clean clothes on his back get him in touch when a few of my friends in get him a little coaching job a membership at the gym to build his self back up to feel like he use to, get him into church, and let god bless him with a wife.. I just sent up a prayer for him…


    16 more years big dogg… hang in there, you will once again become 30M+ wealthy.. unless Reebok goes bankrupt by then.. I’ll never forget the infamous “practice interview” and of course that mean crossover on Tyrone Lue and stepped across him with no respect.. AI my ninja.

  • JayVee

    LoL…it’s good to see everyone react over lie’s…#1, that an old pic of AI taken after a game…#2, even though he’s broke in NBA standards, he still has more money then myself, everyone whose commented and the idiot who wrote this article

  • Maserati_Joe50

    Iverson will be okay, he just need a job

  • ladida

    I wish I knew where he was, I’d buy him some food. Awww, God help his soul.

  • John Barone

    He could get a Viaticle until he turns 55 then they can get their Money Back and Allen can live Happily ever after

  • beaucoupdeforce

    Sad… the book was not meant to cause division and disrespect among you … but the inverse of respect and inclusion, respectful congregation should always be the rule when discussing the word… can any of you imagine Jesus discussing the Bible in this way… telling people ( “you dont know what you’re talking about”!) Lol come on people this isn’t bible class , how is any of this helping a brotha who has entertained us with his great skills for a number of years, and has now fell on bad times? What is your verbal contribution without the theology lesson? Do any of you have a solution for AI?

  • Lamar Waters

    The “end times” are right now.

  • Lamar Waters

    the bible says judge not, etc., yes…but it also says
    that when you judge, judge righteously…so we are to judge, but not according
    to our own standards, but to those of Christ…and that is not the “end
    time” judgement, but in our daily lives in order to help each other stay
    on track..not for hate, or to be self-righteous, but to remind others of what
    God’s expectations and basic laws are…all of them of course have a love
    foundation, so to judge without love is indeed wrong…if you are equally guilty
    or you don’t really care about a person, you should keep your mouth shut
    against them…and I am indeed a saint, a minister who understands more than
    the “popular” what am I saying as it pertains to Allen Iverson? I’m saying that unless we know of some crime against humanity or God that he has committed to find himself in this position, we cannot judge him, for there but for the grace of God go I…so not knowing him personally but acknowledging that he is as human as the rest of us, we are to pray for him and send him our best energies for his life to turn around and that he be as blessed as you would wish for yourself.

  • Rab Simpson

    Look at all of these morons claiming that ‘god’ will help him. What a steaming pile of camel manure.

    Your imaginary fairy won’t help starving children. It’s not gonna help a guy who blew hundreds of millions on stupid crap.

  • Kenwon Justalilbitmore Jones

    All Yall wild as hell