Anthony Davis Reveals That He is Dating Brittney Griner

anthony davis brittney griner

New Orleans Pelicans all-star power forward Anthony Davis revealed he is in a relationship with WNBA player Brittney Griner today.

When asked about how their budding romance was formed, Anthony Davis revealed the couple met a recent charity event. The pair spent quite a bit of time together after the event and decided to try their hand at dating. Davis says after a few weeks the couple had a Love and Basketball style moment, in which they played a game for love. Griner won the one-on-one match up and stole his heart.

The news comes as a bit of a surprise as Griner, who plays for Phoenix Mercury, recently ended a short marriage to fellow WNBA star Glory Johnson. Hurt by the dissolution of her marriage, Griner decided that she no longer wanted to date women.

Anthony Davis went on to say that Griner was more than just his girlfriend. In a moment that could tug at anyone’s heart strings, Davis passionately stated that Griner was also his best friend.

“She is everything me.” AD revealed. “We have an amazing relationship and have so much in common. We even wear the same size clothes and shoes so sometimes she borrows a shirt or two from me.”

  • SuomynonaYdna

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  • Craig Hobson

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  • Sundiata Bradshaw

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  • Reece

    Im a huge fan of Brittany Griner. I look up to her as my idol for basketball but mostly because shes a homosexual also am I so it comes as a shock to me that Grinder dates a dude including the fact that she exactly like a dude