Donald Sterling to Sue the NBA for $1.7 Billion Dollars

Donald Sterling to Sue the NBA for $1.7 Billion Dollars

The Donald Sterling scandal just got a lot more interesting. In response to the $2.5 million fine, lifetime ban, and probable forced sale of the Los Angeles Clippers franchise, Donald Sterling is striking back with a class action lawsuit against Adam Silver and the National Basketball Association. He’s reportedly seeking $1.7 billion dollars in damages.

Sterling’s legal team is suing on the grounds that the fine is excessive given the questionable acquisition of the recording, the ban is illegal given his status as franchise owner, and that the blackballing tactics the NBA is employing to get Sterling to sell the team are akin to modern day extortion.

His attorneys assured reporters that the lawsuit will be an open-and-shut case in their client’s favor, stating “No one approves of what our client said on that recording. There’s no denying that. But it was recorded in the comfort of his own home and later obtained and publicized illegally. Not to mention, the mafia tactics the league is using to try to muscle Mr. Sterling out of his rightfully owned franchise are highly illegal and even unconstitutional. We have no doubt that our client will be exonerated when it is all said and done.”

No word was given on how a settlement could be reached but with the stern approach both sides have taken so far regarding the matter, a long period of litigation is sure to follow.

  • deeptrout

    Actually, I think it was his wife Roachelle who filed the suit.