Harrison Barnes Says Warriors’ Loss Steph Curry’s Fault

Harrison Barnes says the Warriors shocking loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2016 NBA Finals was the fault of all-star point guard Steph Curry. The Warriors had the best regular season record of all-time with 73 wins and 9 losses and were up 3 games to 1, prompting many to believe the series was over. The Cavs had different plans in mind and staged an impressive comeback powered by LeBron James and Kyrie Irving.

“We pretty much had the series wrapped up until Curry decided he wanted to be the hero,” the 24-year-old forward told ESPN.

“He let his feud with LeBron come before the team. He was so busy trying to show the world that he was the new ‘King’ that he forgot to trust us. It just all turned into hero ball — with Steph not wanting anyone to shine but himself. Coach Kerr didn’t go at him nearly hard enough when he kept chucking up that broke ass jumper. In the huddle coach would address it but barely.¬†People say I didn’t shoot well, and I didn’t, but how could I with Steph messing up everyone’s rhythm,” stated Barnes.

Through the final three Barnes shot just 15% from the field and 20% from three while averaging five points and three rebounds per game.

The forward from Ames, Iowa is set to become a free agent this summer after turning down a $64 million contract from Warriors.

“To be honest the entire team lost focus. It became more about making LeBron look bad than actually about winning the series,” an honest Barnes explained.