LeBron James Calls Kevin Durant ‘Overrated’, Does Not Deserve MVP

lebron james calls kevin durant overrated

LeBron James has found himself in unfamiliar territory this season, and the two-time finals MVP has not enjoyed the surroundings. James, who has won the league’s MVP award four out of the last five years, will find himself without the highly coveted trophy this year.

Kevin Durant is expected to easily win the award and Lebron feels he is undeserving of the honor. In an interview after last nights win over the Bobcats, James was asked about the award and stated, “I realize I am probably not going to win MVP this year, but I think it is more about voter fatigue than Durant actually deserving it.”

Voter fatigue happens when a player continually wins the award and those responsible for voting get tired or seeing the same person win it year in and year out. It was widely believed that Michael Jordan could have won the award every year, but voters sought reasons to give it to others.

LeBron went as far as saying Kevin Durant was overrated. “KD is an amazing player. I won’t take anything away from him, but if I am being honest, he is overrated at that same time. His jumper his nice, but it is all he has. He shoots a million shots per game, makes a few of them, and everyone acts like he is doing something new. I have been making jumpers all my life. I am not bitter or anything, but I do think I should win the award every year. He is too skinny to win MVP. The MVP is supposed to go to the face of the league. How it is going to look when the face of the league can’t even do 10 push-ups?”

“I am not even exaggerating,” LeBron continued. “During one of our summer workouts, I challenged him to a push-up contest and he only got 5. Come on now, that’s not MVP numbers at all.”

– Lebron James Calls Kevin Durant ‘Overrated’

  • Tony

    The funny thing is if anyone is overrated it’s Lebron he flops every chance he gets, cries when he doesn’t get a call, gives himself the name King James (who does that?) and is just a terrible face for the NBA as a whole he needs to stop crying and cramping up and start showing us why he is King James

  • 30 Home Games

    This will be a hit on all the messageboards and Facebook pages. Two friends who’ve trained together in the offseason and have represented Team USA, will appeal to the haters and people who don’t know the game well.

  • Mark

    Ugh. Painful. Good job, good effort on the whole “humor” thing guys, maybe you’ll get it in your next life.