Sony Computer Entertainment Buys Xbox from Microsoft

Sony Buys Microsoft Xbox

Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. (SCEI), the video gaming division of parent company Sony Corporation, announced on Thursday it has tentatively bought rival video gaming brand Xbox from Microsoft and also struck a content partnership with the company. The deal is valued at close to $32.8 billion, according to sources. A spokesman on behalf of Microsoft has all but confirmed the news, calling the valuation “accurate” but declining to give further details on the deal.

It has been common practice in the gaming industry to sell game consoles at a loss so companies, such as Microsoft, have to get their money back via license fees from each game that is sold on their systems. Despite these measures, the Xbox division has lost close to $3 billion in the last 10 fiscal years since the inception of the original Xbox console.

Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, who recently succeeded Steve Ballmer as Chief Executive Officer, said during a conference call with reporters that the company’s move was a move that would help Xbox reach different demographics while still maintaining the integrity that gamers associate with the Xbox brand.

“We’re allowing Sony to integrate their technology into the Xbox.” Nadella said, adding that Xbox division will still have the same team in place. “Fans of the Xbox One will still get the same product that they’ve grown to know & love, but now with added support from Sony.”

As part of the deal, Sony will incorporate exclusive Blu-Ray content and PlayStation Move support into the next edition of Xbox One consoles. The new Sony assisted Xbox One consoles are scheduled to hit retailers November 2014, just in time for the holiday season.

  • Killerviper

    This is obviously a troll post or something because this is not true.

  • Bailey

    Xbox was only worth 4.7 billion in 2010 and in 2011 it went to 5.7 billion granted it’s been a few years of say It took a drop with the new consol so say 10 billion give or take not 30 billion at all not hard to look this stuff up Microsoft it’s self was only worth around 48 billion in 2010

  • Ben

    This didn’t happen! Liars… liars…

  • Edward Orde

    What a bunch of BS lol. But its on the internet soooo it *must* be true

  • Peter Lessani

    I hope this is true!

    • Justin Williams

      Microsoft is actually worth 290 billion dollars, but Apple is currently worth 660 billion, but fuck microsoft

      • Jason Lee

        when you said Microsoft is worth $290 billion dollars does that factor in operating income $27.76 billion, net income $22.07 billion, revenue $86.83 billion, total assets $172.38 billion, total equity $89.78 billion? if no then the $290 billion dollar figure and/or the Apple $660 billion dollar figure seems questionable unless you can/could explain where you got the figures from

  • Sarcastic Sam

    This website has the word ‘News’ in it so it must be true!

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    That’s where I went first. :)

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    Anyway! !!!

    Do I wipe my ass from front to back, or back to front???

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      depends if you want poop in your cooch

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      front to back

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    You’re an idiot. That is all that has to be said. Ecks. Dee.

  • Dank

    The best part about this is the loss of 3 billion dollars. …lol

  • Connor

    Maybe I can’t see it since I’m on Mobile or something, but I don’t see anything at the bottom of the page indicating a troll article. What’s up?

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  • Mac

    Not 1 of u understand what it says Sony now owns the console n after the time setin the contract can do what they want but until then MS earns royalties 4 every game published on the Xbox one

    • pena

      Sony doesn’t own anything you literally would have to be an idiot to think this article is true lol

      • Soundwave

        Sony owns the playstation. They are superior to Microsoft in every way possible. Also, the PS4 is the superior console to the Xbox One.

        • David Hadamik

          what drugs r u on to say that? fuck crapstation!

          • TrollersHaveNoLife

            what drugs are you on david ? hahaha ps4 blows xbox away. its funny how it took them 3 times with the 360 to actually get the xbox to not mess up and from my understanding it still messed up. and ps they had the reg version and the slim version . lol

          • David Hadamik

            LOL seriously? thats why when i have seen my friends play ps3 and they change lobbies in games, i see the same damn people over and over again for 6 hours? LMAO give me a break PSN can have their crap servers, their hacking problem, and their crap games….ill stick to the console thats kicking ass thanks!