Georgia Proposing Banning Transgender People from Using Public Bathrooms

Georgia Bathroom Law

The state of Georgia is proposing radical legislation to ban all transgender people from using public bathrooms. Republican lawmakers in Georgia are working together on what they are calling the Bathroom Freedom Bill.

The law would require all companies with public bathrooms to post security in front of the bathroom and check identification. Those whose apparent gender does not match their identification would not be allowed to enter. People without identification — and wished to still use the bathroom — would be required to undergo a physical examination before being allowed to enter.

Georgia State Senator Ellis Dean called the bill “a step in the right direction.”

“We have to protect our children,” said Dean. “Georgia is taking a step in the right direction by not allowing the growing liberalism in this country to pervert our society. Some people will be inconvenienced, but most people understand that we have to take a stand to protect our children. We in Georgia will not allow men to be in the bathroom with our daughters. As far as I am concerned that can go do their business in the bushes. It’s not really that difficult of a concept, men this way, women that way, and in-betweens can use the toilet at home.”

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal recently vetoed a Religious Freedom Bill, which many believe sanctioned discrimination against LBGT people, after mounting pressure from businesses who said they would leave Georgia.  Many believe the governor will also veto this bill for fear that Georgia could lose its thriving film industry.