Stacey Dash Says Black People Are the Most Racist

Stacey Dash Blacks are racist

Controversial Fox News Contributor and former actress Stacey Dash doubled down on her fanatical position, calling black people “the most racist.”

After receiving backlash for calling for the end of Black History Month and BET, the 49-year-old “Clueless” actress expounded upon her thoughts during a recent Fox News segment.

“If you really think about it, this new generation of blacks are the most racist people we have in our society,” Dash stated.

“If you listen to the words of these people you can clearly see they are black supremacists. It’s the sole reason they push for separatist things like BET, Black History Month, the NAACP, the Soul Train Awards, the Image Awards, and it goes on and on. If we had white-only schools like blacks have Spelman and Morehouse it would be a huge problem, but they see no problem with denying whites. It’s gotten so bad that white people can barely even find jobs anymore — because some group of entitled black millennials bitch and whine so much employers are afraid they will get sued if they don’t hire them. Their constant complaining is a detriment to our society as it’s spearheading a PC push by liberals to disenfranchise hardworking white people. Their ultimate goal is total domination of society. I sometimes wonder if they want to see whites forced into slavery just to pay back what was done 150 years ago.”

Dash says her ultimate goal is to bring all people together and end the racist, separatist practices of black people in our society.

“The time has come for black people to stop being racists,” Dash stated. “Our society will no longer tolerate black people trying to bring back segregation. White people have proved they have moved forward from past transgressions when they elected Barack Obama, it’s time that blacks move forward also. There is no place in our society for racism, and the sooner black people learn that, the sooner we can truly live in harmony with everyone.”


  • Amy Falconer

    This woman did no research whatsoever, but she certainly knows how to appeal to her audience’s confirmation bias. For the record, here’s a (shortened) list of other ethnic commemorative history months:
    > March: Irish-American Heritage Month
    > April: Arab-American Month
    > May: Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
    > May: Jewish American Heritage Month
    > October: National Hispanic Heritage Month
    > October: National German American Heritage Month
    > October: National Italian American Heritage Month
    > October: Native American Heritage Month